Catherine Trimby

9781911175308 Josie, a quiet and timid thirty-two-year-old, lives alone. It is a boring and predictable life but overall it suits her - until she meets Mike. His unexpected and unwanted advances cause her to panic and the result is a devastating accident. Josie is prosecuted and receives a prison sentence of twelve months. Finding herself serving her time in a women’s prison in the Midlands, she is initially terrified of the other inmates and tries to keep her head down, but things don’t work out as planned. To her surprise she makes friends but she is also subjected to further trauma. While dealing with the aftermath of a hostage incident she has to face up, for the first time, to events in her own past. The resulting self-knowledge empowers her. She approaches the end of her sentence and begins to look at life differently, envisaging a new and rewarding future.
Published:July 2016
Paperback:196 pages

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Catherine Trimby was born in Shropshire. She spent five years at boarding school in Surrey and then trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She worked for several years in repertory theatre before joining the BBC Television Drama Department. She has three grown-up children and lives with her husband in Shropshire.
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Shropshire Star 22 September 2016
In more than thirty years as a magistrate in Shrewsbury Catherine Trimby faced many difficult decisions, some of the most agonising of which were whether or not to send a female offender to prison ... Josie is not based on anybody but is an amalgam of 100,000 true-life events, drawing on thirty-four years in court.