The Shropshire Stalker
Nick Jones

9781909644380 A tense psychological thriller… Mild-mannered book dealer Anthony Metcalf, and his actress wife Barbara, are receiving unwarranted attention from a sinister source: a witch. Their supernatural visitor is not the conventional hag with a black pointed hat, but the stunningly-glamorous millionairess Eva Carlssen. And her broomstick is a silver German sports racing car. Initially dismissing her claims of magical powers as bombast, Anthony begins to take them more seriously when he witnesses a tragic accident at a local motor race meeting. He is convinced it has been caused through Eva’s spectral interference. With the stability of his marriage undermined by Eva’s relentless pursuit, intrusive text messages and phone calls, Anthony Metcalf’s life is suddenly shattered with a late-night visit from the local police ...
Published:July 2016
Paperback:180 pages

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Nick Jones has spent his life connected with buildings. Initially working as a surveying assistant on a major tunnelling project under the City of London, he moved into architectural journalism, working for a publishing group which was part of Express Newspapers. He first edited specialist supplements for the weekly newspaper Building Design then later became Editor of the conservation monthly Building Refurbishment. He has contributed to many other architectural publications. His debut novel ‘King’s Cross’ was published in August 2015. The writer now lives in Herefordshire. Contact the author at
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