Liverpool, Kirkby and Me
David Lawler

Lawler_frontcover A touching and imaginative account of growing up in Kirkby new town in the 1950s. David Lawler's memoir describes a moment when the rustic world of the old Kirkby was in fast retreat, when pubs and 'mobile shops' had begun to clutter the landscape along with all the new homes.  'Z-cars' patrolled the area - it was a new town but the old problems remained. He describes how a group of young 'rock 'n' roll' lads sought fame and fortune and we watch the years roll by: the Cold War, Sputniks circling in space, 'rock 'n' roll' blaring from pirate radio stations.
Published:1st April 2015
Paperback:190 pages

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David Lawler, formerly of Kirkby College of Further Education and later of Knowsley Community College spent much of his life in the Kirkby area and takes a special interest in the development of new towns and in the social implications of their establishment. David was instrumental in setting up the award-winning Acorn Venture Urban Farm at Kirkby which has special facilities for young people and adults with special needs.