Mixed Blessings and a Head Full of Dreams
Elane Jackson

Elane Jackson has enjoyed writing poetry and short stories from the age of ten.

Her first published poem was ‘Bitter Teardrops’ in Songs of Senses. She has had thirteen poems published in anthologies with United Press and a short story, The Money Tree. Her short stories include The Magic Bracelet, and Betsy the Wonder Car.
Elane has been a constant contributor to the Poet of the Year Books, and would love one day to win a Poet of the Year Competition.

'This collection of poems represents my various moods and contains a wide variety of subjects. Some derive from my past, some my own feelings, some my beliefs and others from thoughts that have sprung into my head.'
Published:15th January 2015
Paperback:72 pages

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Elane was born in Jamaica in 1952 and moved to England in 1971. She is now retired and lives in North London with husband Martin, and her four children, Nigel, Neanda, Alisia and Latisha all live nearby.
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