A selection of poems about war – from the Boer War to the present day
Sir Michael Leighton

9781909644427 This is Sir Michael Leighton’s third book of poems to be published. It is a carefully arranged selection of poems about wars – from the Boer War to the present day. They express a strong sense of the waste that is war, but also an equally strong sense of the great inspiration that can be had from those who fought them on our behalf. His positive message is that we should cherish our heritage. The photographs and pictures from Loton Park and elsewhere are mostly published for the first time, and provide a vivid commentary.
Published:November 2015
Hardback:48 pages

Sir Michael Leighton Bart., 11th Baronet of Wattlesborough and current resident of the magnificent Loton Park, on the Shropshire/Wales borders, 34th in descent of his family. He has for some years been an ardent conservationist, ornithologist, wildlife photographer and poet.
He has completed a film on his lifelong passion, the Red Kite, which has been aired on National television. He was instrumental in the re-introduction of this bird back to the Welsh Hills and has formed areas of his estate for wildlife conservation.
A keen motorsport enthusiast, Sir Michael was also responsible for the formation of the National Hill Climb event, which takes place during the summer months in the Deer Park.