Peace and War A New Look at World War 2
Rudolf Raimond

In this exhaustively researched account, Rudolf Raimond examines the steps leading up to World War II and describes how the initial conflict expanded from western Europe to consume almost the entire world.

From careful examination of source documents, including the speeches of several of the main protagonists - in particular Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill - he establishes that the steps to war and its continuation were far from being entirely the responsibility of the Germans and shows that pro-war elements within the British establishment were a significant factor in the ensuing tragedy.

He also looks at war crimes committed by the various belligerents and, while not in any way exculpating the Germans for the atrocities of the holocaust, shows that guilt is more evenly spread than is at present widely assumed.

A fascinating new look at World War II.
Published: March 2019
Paperback: 502 pages
Price: £19.99
ISBN: 9-781912-419913
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