Second Shot at Life
Dominic Kavanagh

front cover A double lung transplant during the summer of 2014 was the inspiration for this book which brings together some of my most treasured memories in a collection of wildlife and landscape photography intended to capture the essence of what makes life so precious. As my own life neared expiry due to respiratory failure following 47 years of damage caused by cystic fibrosis, I returned to painting to reflect on what I would miss most and to celebrate subjects and scenes which are great for the soul and which reminded me of what we all have around us that we should be grateful for. After a successful transplant, my painting continues and my photography resumed. Beavering away from my man cave nestled at the end of my garden in rural north Shropshire, surrounded by woodland and its evocative sights, sounds and smells, I have been inspired by the natural world to give something back, in the shape of this fundraising book, for the gift of organ donation so selflessly offered to me.
Published:15th Aug 2015
Hardback:160 pages

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Purchasing this book will support the magnificent work of the specialist NHS adult cystic fibrosis team at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Lung & Transplant team (Birmingham).