Silent Screams
Nubia Assata

Silent Screams
Nubia Assata

Silent Screams is a radical insight to the trials and tribulations of young people, especially those intersecting ethnic minority groups. Positioned from an introspective standpoint, this anthology is able to open doors that would otherwise remain unchallenged.

An honest take on the battle with mental health, politics, and black family dynamics, likens the poet to an incredibly mature author. Unapologetic whilst also careful, powerful whilst also soft, Nubia leans on her own experiences to draw parallels between herself and her history. To ultimately look forward to the future proposing the question of where do we go next?
Published: Sept 2020
Paperback: 67 pages
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-913425-51-7

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Nubia Assata is a young ,sixteen-year-old, up-and-coming author who integrates her intersecting activism for black consciousness and mental health through her work. She has used her experiences with mental health and racism, whilst being a young black woman in Britain as a springboard to open the conversation of what ‘Blackness’ means in 21st Century Britain and the world.
Reader Reviews...

Martin Glynn
This powerful and impacting collection is part of a continuing poetry legacy of black women such as; June Jordan, Sonia Sanchez, Jayne Cortez, Nikki Giovanni, and many other black women, whose poignant lyrical expression, with powerful social commentary, have formed the basis of liberating the many silent voices

Liz Pemberton
A raw and unfi ltered collection; Nubia’s poetry is fearless, it is tender, it is strong, and it is authentic