A Formidable Lady – A biography of Diana Gray
Kryss Forsyth

A Formidable Lady
Kryss Forsyth

I would like to share with you, the reader, a portrayal of Diana Gray (1913 - 2009), a ‘formidable lady’ who I admired and respected for her capability, and strength of character.

I was pushing Diana in her wheelchair along the promenade, enjoying the late afternoon warmth from the sun, when suddenly she said, “I was abused, you know, when I was fourteen years old.
I am ninety now, and I’ve never told anyone.”

There had been no mention of this before, in all the years I had known her. I was shocked, surprised and sad, but also felt honoured she could tell me. I listened, and all that I knew about Diana suddenly began to fall into place, like a jigsaw puzzle.
Published: Nov 2020
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Kryss Forsyth born in Minehead in 1954, lived in Porlock until 1983, then moved to back to Minehead with her family, where she has enjoyed working as an artist and social worker for many years.
She lives with her partner David and, since retiring, they have been renovating their house on North Hill.
Kryss has two sons, and three beautiful grandaughters, who she loves spending time with.
She has also been a foster parent for several young people.
Family and friends are an important part of Kryss’s life.
She also likes a challenge, and writing a book was on her list.