Songs in the Key of Death
Seamus Carron

The subject is MURDER.
The players include the Metropolitan Police, the FBI, a satirical journalist and a professional musician.
In the background a mysterious hidden manipulator pulls the strings of the establishment. More of a ‘why done it?’ than a ‘who done it?’ the story reveals a twisted thread of music, riddles and missing girls. A trail of smoke & mirrors leading toward an end game that questions: is anyone safe, will justice be done, can law and order prevail?

This compelling book paints a rich and unusual reflection of the characters & events, their unfolding meanings filled with irony & satire.
Published:1st Nov 2015
Paperback:742 pages

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Seamus Carron studied Linguistics at University in Dublin then worked in the Foreign Office including several overseas postings with the Diplomatic Service. Leaving his career behind, he turned his hand to a wide range of adventures. He died at the young age of fifty-seven.
Reader Reviews...

R Gilbert - A Pacy Thriller - 30th August 2016
An entertaining and pacy thriller from a first-time author with obvious talent as a storyteller.
Sadly the novel is published posthumously meaning that this is the only glimpse readers will get into the mind and imagination of someone who clearly had a gift for writing and story development. Recommended.

D A Grieve
Not the genre of book I would normally read (ie murder mysteries) but I am glad I picked it up.
It is a big book that keeps you engrossed from the first page right through to the last.
A true 'Hard to put down' book .