Sour Dough and Sweet Ladies
Harry Berridge

9781909644830 Red hot and highly descriptive are words best used to delineate the sexual content in this intriguing story. The sex together with controversial, easy, money-making techniques, all based on true events, are brilliantly described in the adventures of Harry, an ordinary young man who discovers hidden talents within him after he reluctantly leaves London to work in the north-west of England. Harry discovers that he is not the quiet man whom everyone thought he was. He finds himself turning into an inexorable, money-making, sexual predator, yearning to possess all females that fall for his newly found charms. In business - although with scant experience - he becomes a supremely confident entrepreneur, and this in turn enables him to break in to the shady, corrupt side of industry.
Published:1st Nov 2015
Paperback:369 pages

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Money pours in as he sets up deal after deal and his decadent lifestyle blooms. His confidence with the fairer sex blossoms as lover after lover comes and goes - and with them so does his hard-earned money. After setting up a deal with a top, North Sea Oil executive, he becomes a major sub-contractor with many thousands of pounds weekly pouring in to his bank account. And now the drink and women that once were his pleasure become his downfall and, all too soon, contract after contract fails. With most of his money spent, age and illness become a major problem. It is payback time, and his once high life falls around his feet. He is close to destitution. The women have gone and so has the money. He is alone and broke.'
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