Historical murder based on the true story of Brighton Artist Henry Havelock Cornell
Lauren Staton

Secrets haunt the streets of Brighton town; creativity flutters, like a moth in a lamplight; love disappears without explanation.
The torment of a man breeds hatred and mistrust from all who know him. No one is helping him and no one wants to. He writes his confession from the edge of sanity then hides his notes between his paintings where they remain until they are discovered over sixty years later
When murder is just enough to push you to the brink of insanity, the perfect place to keep you silent is the asylum. But when death approaches, the truth has nothing to lose as it emerges from the darkness of time.
Published:1st April 2016
Paperback:316 pages

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A historical novel based on the true story of Brighton Artist Henry Havelock Cornell, following the discovery of notes he had written prior to him being admitted into a mental asylum. The story, which starts in Brighton England at the turn of the twentieth century, takes us to prewar London in 1939 where our main character Harry gets involved with a blackmailing and forgery gang. Murders are committed and a string of lies are told twisting the story into a tale that has been held secret and hidden away - until now.
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