The Aqad Sword
Conrad Carew

Published: May 2024
Paperback: 308 pages
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 978-1-915972-43-9
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The Aqad Sword
The History of the Secular State of Isferin 1
by Conrad Carew

Qerem must journey through a violent, ravaged landscape, spurred on by the mesmeric Qadar twins Raden and Daqel, who share his lust for revenge.

Legend has predicted that in the blissful and remote northern forests of Lornilian he will discover how to combine the magic of the past with the science of the future to raise rebellion and defeat the forces of the Secular State of Isferin.

But will his own doubts and addiction thwart his crusade and put an end to everything he holds dear? And will the Bali-flame end up destroying the world he seeks to preserve?

Conrad Carew was born and brought up in Westmorland, England.

He has worked as a teacher, university lecturer, education advisor and Research and Discovery consultant.

He lives in Bristol where he manages an agency in partnership with his son.

The second volume of his trilogy, Lornilian, will be available later in 2024, with the final volume, Valdiron, scheduled for publication in 2025.