The Best Years
Tony Best

9781911175056 This is the story of Tony Best, musician and entertainer, told in his own words. Tony’s extraordinary and often joyful career spanned over six decades and took many turns in all manner of unexpected directions. He describes how he went with the flow and followed whichever road life took him; how he spent his school days and teenage years and how he completed fourteen years service in the RAF – and how he left the service and lived in North Wales for eight years, eventually becoming a full-time musician and entertainer, finally settling in Shrewsbury and taking the stage name Tony Best.
Published:1st March 2016
Hardback:210 pages

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From there on, ever the entertainer, Tony relates his travels all over the UK and Europe and his adventures in the music business on the road with gusto, all wrapped up with a host of highly amusing and interesting anecdotes and unusual experiences demonstrating, among other things, his amazing memory for detail and his skill in telling the story of what has been a wonderful career.
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