The Horses Know
Lynn Mann

9781911175278 The human race has all but destroyed itself and those who remain know that they must avoid repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. Life is a struggle but just when it seems as though all may be lost, the horses intervene. Through the bonds that develop between humans and their horses, people learn what the horses know, ensuring the advancement of humanity. And the horses wait for the person who will be able to help them in return ...
Published:June 2016
Paperback:396 pages

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Lynn Mann is a writer with a long-standing involvement with horses. During her school years, she spent as much time riding and being with horses as she could. She took a break from horses to study for her biology degree and then on leaving university, realised her dream of having her own horse for the first time. She worked on show-jumping, racing and dressage yards before starting a business as a saddle consultant and riding instructor, which involved working both in the UK and abroad.
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Reader Reviews...

Horse Magazine
This book was inspired by a special horse called Pie, a rescue adopted by author Lynn. It has a futuristic setting, where the world has all but destroyed itself. The heroine is Amarilla, whose family want her to develop a useful 'Skill' which will set her in good stead for the future. However, the youngster has other ideas and longs to be one of the 'Horse-Bonded' - someone that is spiritually drawn to a special equine. The bonded then dedicate their life to each other. But will Amarilla find a horse to have a special connection with? This is an enchanting story of preparing for an unknown future and developing a bond with a horse. Plus, 20 percent of royalties will be donated to The Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies, which rescued and rehabilitated Pie before Lynn rehomed her.

Paul Salmon - Fantastic book
Absolutely loved this book, a real eye opener and page turner, kept me engaged and hooked until the end.
Highly recommended read ******

Susan Wilkinson - A novel for the horse lover and the sci-fi enthusiast
In Amarilla we find our new heroine with much to offer. Hopefully a sequel will follow.
I found the book quite inspirational and heartwarming and was a page turner.
The relationship between the horses and the characters was something that the horse enthusiast would recognise.

MJ - Brilliant
This was a great read, very creative and thought provoking.
It was a clear and well thought through story and opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about how important the bond between humans and horses is and can be.
A book aimed at adults and children.
I will be looking out for the sequel and can't wait!

Bridget Jones - Surprised
I would have said that apart from the equine theme this would not have been to my taste at all but I found it totally engrossing and strangely plausible. I could relate to many of the characters and horses and although I wanted to reach the conclusion of the story I was left wanting more. I look forward to more from this author.

Beki - Amazing. Please read this book
Wow! Amazing. Please read this book.
I so hope there will be a sequel?

Amazon Customer - Wonderful story
This fictional story is written in a very creative and beautifully imaginative manner. We know many parts hit on the truth.
It is thought provoking and funny and some parts brought me to tears. Whether we have a horse, or just know they are magnificent and graceful beings the story lifts up our vibration and I am looking forward to reading Lynn's next novel.