The Horses Rejoice
Lynn Mann

Amarilla and Infinity have been the catalysts for change that they agreed to be, but they know there is more to be done. If they can befriend the Woeful and persuade the rest of humankind to do the same, then the ways of The Old will forever be in the past.

Amarilla, Infinity and their friends set out on a journey to find the Woeful, only to discover that their search becomes something so much more due to the horses they meet along the way. But they never forget what they agreed to do. They must find the Woeful. And then they must be willing to risk losing everything.

Published:June 2018
Paperback:364 pages

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Lynn Mann is a writer with a long-standing involvement with horses. During her school years, she spent as much time riding and being with horses as she could. She took a break from horses to study for her biology degree and then on leaving university, realised her dream of having her own horse for the first time. She worked on show-jumping, racing and dressage yards before starting a business as a saddle consultant and riding instructor, which involved working both in the UK and abroad.

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Reader Reviews...

Carrie - 5 star review
I absolutely love this book. It is a worthy sequel to the brilliant The Horses Know, and I have reread this book no less than three times so far. I get something more from it every time I read. Yes, it is a novel set in a fantasy future and is a wonderful compelling story, but the ideas behind the book are no less real for that. Get talking to your horses, listen to what they have to say - anyone can do this, truly. This book will show you the way, inspire you, and change the way you interact with your horses forever. Let Amarilla, Infinity and the Kindred open your heart and your mind. It is an incredible book and worthy of its' current no.1 position on Amazon in the Equine books section. I cannot wait for Book 3 . . . .

T Stretton - 5 star review
It is not often I feel inspired by works of fiction, but both this book and 'The Horses Know' have certainly changed the way I view the world. Aside from that, the easy style in which it is written and careful storytelling have kept me glued to the pages, day after day, just as a good book should! I am actually rather sad that this story is over! As with the first book, this is most definitely not just for 'horsey' people; such an interesting idea needs to be shared!

Tracy - 5 star review
If you enjoyed The Horses Know then you will certainly enjoy The Horses Rejoice. Lynn Mann has a talent that is unique, her books will grab your attention and not let go until you've read the whole book so make sure you have lots of spare time. The Horses Rejoice continues the story but with its own individuality, I just hope Lynn is preparing to write the next book. Every horse lover or even those who like a good read should have these books in there possession.

Beki - 5 star review
Such an amazing book! I loved the first one (The Horses Know) and this was a fantastic continuation of the story. If you have horses you need to read these books - there are some wonderful insights and they have helped me immensely. Please write more Lynn!

Emma Magliocco - 5 star review
Highly recommend excellent read could not put it down anyone who has horses would love this book as I did.

Kindle Customer - 5 star review
I wasn't sure if this would be my kind of book but I absolutely loved it. It's well written and such a clever idea. I found myself relating things to experiences with my own horse and I feel more connected to him now.