A Sheffield Turner’s Tale
Sue Allott

A Sheffield Turner's Tale
Life with an Unsung Hero of Steel

When the Sheffield steel industry dramatically collapsed in the 1980s the stories of its highly-skilled workforce were lost. People left the city in their thousands or disappeared into the army of unemployed. The part they had played in the building of the city became, overnight, unconsidered and unvalued. It has taken a generation for the city to begin to reclaim the stories of the men and women of steel.
This is the tale of one of them, Frank Allott, a lad from the east end of Sheffield who began his working life as an apprentice turner on the eve of war and rose to become Manager of the vast and complex Heavy Machine Shops at Firth Brown. In his forty-four years in the firm he acquired a unique range of experience and knowledge, appreciated by those he worked with not only in Sheffield, but in Canada, Turkey and Brazil.
Published: Feb 2020
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A self-taught engineer and linguist, amateur singer and artist, and Football League linesman, he was widely known and loved not merely for his outstanding skills but also for his extraordinary humanity and humour. It is a portrait not only of a remarkable man, but also of the times in which he lived, the historic company he served and the city that made them both.
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