Craftsmanship and Art
Prof. Philip Dark


We have just published a new edition of Professor Philip Dark’s 670-page anthropological work Craftsmanship and Art. The work was left uncompleted when Professor Dark died some years ago and it was a labour of love to complete it. One of the strengths of this unique book is that much of the research was conducted in the period 1955-1980 and many of the practices it describes have since been abandoned. The following from the index gives a brief glimpse of its breadth and originality:

Ute Indians
basketry 320
currency of dessicated fingertips 440

Wodabe people
cicitrization 370
hair of women 411
pack oxen 294
stretching of children’s limbs 403

Professor Dark was a remarkable man, a hero of the wartime raid on St. Lazare. It was while in prison camp in Germany that he first became interested in anthropology.