A realistic look at day-to-day Social Work
Shari King & Nicola Brown

This first book in the series, Brummie Girls do Social Work, takes a realistic down-to-earth look at day-to-day Social Work practice and the daily dilemmas faced by practitioners. It takes the form of a collection of short, colourful episodes based on the authors' personal experiences - a light hearted approach to a serious subject. It gives invaluable insights into the profession, showing how variable each day can be and the complex challenges that arise. Each episode finishes with a number of tips for Social Workers already in the profession and for newly qualified Social Workers and students, to help them be prepared for any situation.
Published:5th April 2016
Paperback:100 pages

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This new approach allows the reader to get into mind-set of two practicing social workers and to share the humour, sorrow and joy in their experiences. It strips Social Work bare and exposes its ups and downs in the current climate.
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