The author looks at principled Gandhian nonviolence
George Paxton

9781911175186 War is an extremely costly means of responding to conflict and yet nonviolent defence of a country is normally considered unrealistic because it is considered ineffectual against a ruthless opponent. This book tries to demonstrate otherwise by looking at historical facts focusing on the Nazi tyranny as a specific case. In reality, nonviolent resistance to the Third Reich took place in the occupied countries as well as in Germany itself. While not on a scale to bring down the regime its potential to do so is clearly demonstrated in in this well-argued account. More speculatively, the author looks at principled Gandhian nonviolence and asks if this approach would have affected the nature of the resistance.
Published:5th April 2016
Paperback:252 pages

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George Paxton is the editor of The Gandhi Way, the quarterly journal of the Gandhi Foundation which is based in the UK.
He is the author of Sonja Schlesin: Gandhi’s South African Secretary (Pax Books 2006).
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