My Struggle
Karl Ove Knausgaard

YouCaxton Literary Lecture, 6.30 pm, Tuesday, 27th May at the Pengwern Bookshop, Fish Street, Shrewsbury.

Fresh from his recent biography of Hans Christian Andersen, writer and literary critic, Paul Binding, will be speaking about Karl Ove Knausgaard’s six-volume autobiographical sequence, My Struggle. (Translation of the last three volumes into English is not yet complete; No 3, Boyhood Island, came out in the UK in March.) Knausgaard’s sensationally successful Proustian take on the nature of memory holds a warning for anyone embarking on memoir. Memory is: ‘pragmatic, sly and artful’.

Self-Publishing History


Bob Fowke kicked off a new series of YouCaxton Literary Lectures in Shrewsbury last night. His theme was ‘The History of Self-Publishing from the Ten Commandments to Kindle E-Books‘. Further lectures will include Paul Binding on Scandinavian crime fiction, Toby Green on the development of trans-Atlantic trade and cultural patterns, Adrian Bailey on Evolution and Christianity and Dr. Anthony Lempert on religion and medicine.


Birmingham’s Shakespeare


Birmingham Public Library owns a rare copy, one of only 228 copies in existence, of the First Folio of Shakepeare’s works, published 1623. The book will be on display – for the first time – in the Shakespeare Memorial Room at the library, on 5th April as part of an exhibition ‘Library of Cultures’ that will also include an edition of Audubon’s Birds of America, 39 by 26 inches and perhaps the most beautiful of all illustrated bird books.

First world war diaries go online

First world war diaries online
The National Archives have announced the availability of their first tranche of First-World-War diaries, there’s a piece in the Guardian. The National Archives have digitised around 1.5 million pages of war diaries and will be releasing them throughout this year as part of their First-World-War centenary programme. This first batch of ‘unit war diaries’ are from the first three cavalry (WO 95/1096 to WO 95/1156) and the first seven infantry divisions (WO 95/1227 to WO 95/1670),  part of the first wave of British troops deployed in France and Flanders. The diaries cover the entire period of the units’ involvement in the war, from their arrival on the front to their departure at the end of the war.