Not to be Forgotton
Cynthia Bryan

Cynthia Bryan – Cynthia Duncan, Cynthia Ashley Cooper – born in 1920, lived a remarkable life that spanned most of the twentieth century. Brought up to be a ‘deb’, she nursed badly burnt airmen in the Second World War, then during a holiday to South Africa, married the Governor General’s son. He became an anti-apartheid activist, whom she unquestioningly and courageously supported – having four children in the process. After his escape from South Africa, they lived in a tiny remote village in the mountains of Lesotho (then Basutoland). After the British Government banned him from Basutoland, she followed him to Algeria with the family, where they spent the last few years of his life. Newly widowed, she returned to England with her four children, and some years later married a Conservative Member of Parliament with three daughters. She created family homes in Yorkshire and London for the seven children and their burgeoning families; supported her husband's political work, including through an active social life; and in her spare time volunteered in a family planning clinic. She died in 2017 aged 97.
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These vignettes of her life – narrated with wit, enjoyment and self-deprecation – tell of a beautiful woman of adventure, courage and great loyalty; of style, common sense and practicality; and of someone who observed with humour the ups and downs of life. We hear her voice through these pages telling her stories, and are reminded of what an exceptional woman she was -- and what an extraordinary life she led.