A Soldier’s Memoir Vol 1: The Phoney War and the Horror of Dunkirk
George West

By Patience and Perseverance and
a Bottle of Sweet Oil
Grandpa’s War, Volume 1
Edited by Effie Cadwallader

By Patience and Perseverance and a Bottle of Sweet Oil is the first volume of an account of an ordinary soldier`s experiences during World War 2, one man`s course through seven years of activity not of his own choosing, recounting episodes, individuals and activities in extraordinary detail.
We follow George West from the shock of being transformed from a teenage accounts clerk into a soldier before war broke out in 1939, through the confusion of the Phoney War to the horror of Dunkirk and its aftermath.
George`s story isn`t really about fighting or regimental business; it is a chronological account of the incidents and elements of his daily life, described in interesting detail, with a few adventures and some odd characters thrown in.
Published: Sept 2020
Paperback: 206 pages
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ISBN: 9-781913-425364

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There are simmering feuds, romantic dalliances, humanitarian rescues and comic moments, as well as the inevitable fear and danger.
George matures from an innocent nineteen-year-old driver into a highly competent, resourceful and inventive Sergeant Mechanic, Royal Engineers. Volume 2, “The Snail, at Length, Reached Jerusalem” covers the second part of George`s war, from North Africa, through Sicily, D Day, “A Bridge Too Far” and Belsen, to demob in 1946. George West was brought up in South Shields. His mother died in childbirth and his father disappeared to Australia, so he was adopted by his mother`s elder sister and her husband who were late middle-aged when they took the baby. His upbringing was strictly Methodist and difficult, but he spent a great deal of his childhood with his close friend Bill Sharp whose family was open, loving and lively. After the war George married Bill`s younger sister, Kathleen.

George qualified as a primary school teacher soon after demob and had a successful career back in South Shields, specialising in teaching literacy and numeracy and, of course, drawing and painting, before retiring to live with Kathleen in Shropshire.
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