With Innocence and Hope
Mike Williams

With Innocence and Hope Cover With Innocence and Hope A unique and vivid first hand account of a young soldier, one of the millions who fought in World War I. Walter Williams, from Hodnet, volunteered at age fifteen and joined the Shropshire Light Infantry. After completing his initial training at the Shrewsbury Barracks, he passed through the notorious training camp at Etaples before being plunged into the horrors of trench warfare. He fought in some of the major battles of the war including Pachendaele, the Somme and Vimy Ridge – and was badly wounded during the final attack on the Hindenburg line when he was hit by machine-gun fire from an enemy plane. Walter's story was captured on an ancient reel-to-reel tape recorder during long conversations with his two nephews, who went on to write this remarkable story. Walter died in 1998, by which time he was one of the last veterans of World War I. Royalties from sales of the printed book bought from YouCaxton will be donated to the British Legion and Royalties from the sale of the Kindle edition are being donated to Help For Heroes
Published:1st April 2014
Paperback:274 pages
Amazon review... ...Having spent 24 years in the Army I thought I knew it all and seen it all, then I read this. I couldn't begin to imagine what he went through and all as a teenager. Wow. 'Simply Excellent'
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Great read
A really interesting and captivating read. I loved the honesty about life in the trenches and the effects on families at home. Very moving. If you like world war one non fiction this one is for you.
I highly recommended this book. I have read many WW1 books and visited more than a few of the places now infamous as killing fields that Walter experienced in the most horrendous situations. This book achieves a really good balance of accurate description and the often deadened emotional feelings which had to be engaged to get through the many challenges faced on a 24/7 basis. A most honest account written well and very well received. Thank you Mike- Well done. RIP Walter- You deserve it!
An addictive read
This is a must read, a wonderful insight into times past. To comprehend the courage and determination required by such people, to imagine what they experienced at such a young age and the contrast to what they had left behind is brought to life in this exceptional book. I highly recommend it.