Did the Right Sperm Win?
Vinette Hoffman-Jackson

9781911175124 You were born a winner! Over one million sperms had to race against many obstacles just to create you. Simply put, it means that out of these millions of possible choices, you were created and it must be for a reason. You must have a purpose and you should be working towards fulfilling that purpose. However, if you have decided to just waste your time and do nothing then you really need to ask yourself ‘Did the right sperm win?’ or would it be better had another sperm won and you never existed? There are no accidents or coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason although sometimes we tend remain on the lowest level, the literal level of life. This book includes thirty, short, inspiring stories, anecdotes, poems and reflections, designed to motivate you to think and find messages in everyday occurrences. You were born a winner; now start acting like a winner!
Published:May 2016
Paperback:152 pages

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V F Hoffman was born in Jamaica but she has lived in the UK for the past twelve years. She has worked in the educational sector for over twenty years in various leadership roles and has been consistently judged as an outstanding classroom practitioner. She enjoys reading, writing and the occasional game of chess. Vinette is a multi-award-winning motivational speaker and regularly writes motivational articles published in magazines such as Blackbright News. She is the single mother of three boys and considers her role as mom the most important thing in life. Vinette worships at Miracle COGIC in Bedford.
Reader Reviews...

Bradley Henry, Missuagua, CANADA

I think this is awesome. I've only got positive praise!!

Katherine Anderson. Luton, ENGLAND

Simply amazing. Really gave me some food for thought.

Nicola Llewellyn. Ocho Rios, JAMAICA

Gave me a whole new perspective on how to look on things