Ludlow Market continued

Ludlow Market – different day

We now changed our market stall to Wednesdays and have just completed the first Wednesday of the new arrangement. Mondays were interesting but Wednesday proved to be even more so. An astonishing range of writers visit Ludlow Market which has acquired some of the characteristics of a literary festival secreted among the fruit and veg, a tribute to the eccentric and varied interests of people from round about. We held conversations with, among others,  a writer who has completed the translation of a religious work into French, a writer who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of M.E., a poet, a writer who has completed a parodical children’s book and a writer with an interest in things sportive. Not all the projects discussed will come to fruition, but it’s a great privilege to experience the democratisation of publishing at first hand in this way, and in beautiful Ludlow of all places.