Mend the Broken Pieces
Maggie Walters

Mend the Broken PIECES COVER Lizzie Strahan is single and a workaholic, a way of life self-imposed after the untimely death of her young son. Forced by ill-health to change her career as a successful barrister, she retreats to the country and embarks on a project to establish a bed and breakfast business in a small village. Out of the blue, she is joined by her good friend Mary whose husband has jilted her for a younger woman and, together, the two women start life afresh. But Lizzie’s old contacts are not so easily shaken off. One evening, a young woman, Josetta Delaney, is found murdered and Lizzie knows her. She feels compelled to find out how Josetta met her demise and then she discovers that two private-investigator friends, Robert Isaacs (‘Zak’) and Charlie Rattigan (‘Ratty’) are trying to unravel another possibly-related death. A web of deceit unfolds. It will take Lizzie and Mary on a journey of discovery that neither woman could possibly have imagined.
Paperback:284 pages

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