A customer-centred approach to product design and services.
Amir Azizpour

EverMediaCoverFP Outside-In Service Design is a User-Centred approach to designing products and services, aiming to give the customer a unique and memorable experience as well as optimising the business processes. Customers are the main influence on the design - the better the experience, the more chance you will have of customer retention and loyalty.
This book takes us on a practical journey to understand, appreciate and apply the Service Design approach:
* Seeing things from the customer perspective
* 14 Practical Stages of Outside-In Service Design
* How Service Design is used during business development.
* 17 Key Considerations during Service Design
* How conceptual design benefits business
* Groundbreaking theory of user expectations and experience

Publication:30th Oct 2015
Paperback:136 pages
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Amir Azizpour has a background in business, technology and psychology with a passion for delivering unique and innovative solutions to ensure the highest levels of user satisfaction, experience and loyalty. He has more than 30 years experience in applying Service Design concepts to all aspects of business including Customer Services, Training, and Product Design as well as providing consultancy on Business Process, Management and Software Design.
His passion is to spread the Service Design model through training, assessment and consultancy.
I believe proper application of Service Design can seriously improve the quality of our lives. Conversely, poorly designed products and services cause stress and lower the quality of life for the users. My mission is to identify poorly-delivered products and services and help to improve them.
Amir Azizpour