The Roaming Revelator
Mark Huck

The Roaming Revelator
Dan is a man at a fork in his life looking for answers, debating if his life has been worthwhile. Troubled by his past demons which torture him mentally and drive him to problem after problem. As he tries to outrun his past and find his future, the history of troubles are chasing him down - he must now face them head on.
A life's journey played out in front of your eyes with all the twists and turns in the search for answers. His only true friend is his motorbike, carrying him to his mental escape, until his revelations bring back the pain.
Dan has suffered the pain that drives him to be destructive and despise the past, present and the future of the modern world.
As Dan twists and turns through this winding road of life, he flees aboard his one true friend, literally trying to outrun his past and silence it, lost in the wail of exhaust noise from his motorbike.
Publication date: 15th Aug 2019
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Mark Huck was born in the 1970s, growing up in the fast paced 1980s living an adrenaline filled life, with sports and fast cars; as his life became more complex he found his solidarity in the simplicity of the open road and the world of motorbikes.
After leaving school with barely any qualifications his love of engines led him to become a vehicle mechanic, a love that would never leave him, drawing him more and more to the world he now lives in; as he moved into the world of teaching mechanical studies, he put right the poor education by completing as many qualifications as he could.
As children came a long, responsibility beckoned, life was happy and quaint, but the desire for adrenaline always bubbled. Now with all 3 children having jobs and lives of their own, Mark and his wife are living a fast paced adrenaline filled life and a desire to escape the “norms” of society.
Roaming Revelator is Mark’s first book of a trilogy, a story inspired by real life stories and events that have only happened in the depth of imagination.

5 out of 5 stars
Hard to put down.. you want to keep reading..
Absolutely love this book had my attention from start to finish
Now I’m waiting impatiently for the next book