The Soul of de Gressier – Book 3 of the de Gressier Quartet
C. S. Bunker

The Soul of de Gressier
Book 3 of the de Gressier Quartet

Henry Bellanger, the heir apparent to the de Gressier vineyards in Bordeaux, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and a secret.
David Daunier, a fugitive from British ‘justice’ and the owner of a successful vineyard in the winelands of South Africa, lives under the tyranny of apartheid and has a secret.
Sophie Elleswell, a young German ‘million-dollar’ supermodel, unwittingly carries deep within her psyche, her mother’s secret.
Set against the backdrops of vineyards and wineries, the dealings of the drug and wine trades, and the intrigues of the City of London, the happenchance of life brings the Bellanger, Daunier and Elleswell families happily together until crime and corruption involve them in events beyond their control.
Using his style of short chapters, intermingling plots and sub-plots, and strong and engaging characters, C.S. Bunker has created another gripping page-turner of love, passion, dishonesty, betrayal, tragedy and this time, revenge!
Published: Sept 2021
Paperback: 591 pages
Price: £15.99
ISBN: 978-1-914424-22-9

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C.S. Bunker is a former international corporate financier. Using over thirty years of business experience and a lifelong interest in history and politics, Bunker started to write because he had a series of truth-based stories he wanted to tell. Inspired by three very personal songs and places he knew, his first four interconnected books took over twelve years to plan and research, followed by seven years of dedicated crafting and writing.