The Watches of de Gressier – Book 4 of the de Gressier Quartet
C. S. Bunker

The Watches of de Gressier
Book 4 of the de Gressier Quartet

When Henry Guégan arrives in Moldova to help privatise its wine industry, he has no idea how dramatically his life is going to change. The country is coming out from under the yoke of communism and is in the vice-like grip of the mafia, gangsters and political corruption.
Falling in love with Tania Plesca, and with the vineyards of Moldova capturing his heart, Henry is driven by ambition. He becomes deeply involved in the moral and ethical dilemmas facing the country, but with devastating effect on him and all those around.
Running for his life, Henry leaves Moldova with the answer to the question that had plagued him since childhood, and with a secret; both are later uncovered by his sons and revealed to the world in a public and climactic ending.
In this fourth book of the de Gressier quartet, C.S. Bunker has produced another utterly engrossing, well-researched, modern historical novel. A fast-moving story, full of excitement, drama, crime, tragedy and love, but above all, with bravery at its heart.
Published: Oct 2021
Paperback: 395 pages
Price: £15.99
ISBN: 978-1-914424-26-7

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C.S. Bunker is a former international corporate financier. Using over thirty years of business experience and a lifelong interest in history and politics, Bunker started to write because he had a series of truth-based stories he wanted to tell. Inspired by three very personal songs and places he knew, his first four interconnected books took over twelve years to plan and research, followed by seven years of dedicated crafting and writing.