Nonviolent Resistance to the Nazis by George Paxton, published by YouCaxton, has been receiving consistently good reviews. 

Peace News (UK): ‘… a goldmine of information, fascinating stories and inspiration for peace activists, this book deserves a wide readership.’

The Ghandi Way (UK): ‘Here is a proverbial labour of love. Over many years, I suspect, George Paxton has compiled information on nonviolent resistance to Nazi-occupied Europe. There are many stories of individual resistance, hard here to summarise in the review, and indeed I think the best way we can demonstrate this exceptional courage is to tell as many of these stories as possible… Paxton has done us a great service in writing this book.’

Jewish Affairs (South Africa): ‘Paxton also boldly wrestles with the sensitive question of whether the Holocaust might have been averted has German Jews responded at an early stage of their persecution with nonviolent resistance.’

Satyagraha Foundation (Netherlands): ‘George Paxton… has collected an impressive amount of research and combined it into “a perspective on the Nazi era which is rarely put forward,” … The first two parts provide a treasure trove of information, but it is the last part where the book comes into its own. Here he discusses, among many other things, the potential of nonviolent resistance, what makes people potential resisters and rescuers, what makes countries more prone to nonviolent resistance, and what a Gandhian style of nonviolent resistance might have looked like.’


Duke of Gloucester

this one

Nigel Hinton, author of The Shrewsbury Drapers Company, published by YouCaxton, with the Duke of Gloucester at the opening of the new Drapers’ almshouses on 8th June this year. Nigel is on the right.



Hereford Times in Presteigne


The launch of The Wildlife Role-play Book by Jenny Ogden, published by YouCaxton, featured in the Hereford Times on 15 June. It was a ‘role-play event’  and took place at the Assemble rooms in Presteigne. Jenny’s friends, dressed as a dung beetle, black bird, song thrush and horseshoe bat, were interviewed about their lives by journalist Phil Robinson using questions and answers from the book, which is a valuable resource for anyone involved in wildlife education at any level.




Knighton and Knucklas Castle


In the Shadow of Knucklas Castle by Kate Maclean, published by YouCaxton, is being launched at the Gallery of Fine Art in Knighton, Shropshire, on 22 June at 6.00 pm. The  originals of the paintings reproduced in the book will be exhibited and also some pottery decorated with images of Arthur and Guinevere.





Talksport, Hawksbee and Jacobs


Mike Gardner, author of Boxer, the Life of a Cumbria Great, published by YouCaxton, will be interviewed on Talksport during the 1 pm to 4 pm prime-time spot with Haawksbee and Jacobs in the next few weeks. Talksport is the country’s premier sport-radio channel with over a million listeners.


Boxer Walker


Boxer, the Life of a Cumbria Great by Mike Gardner, published by YouCaxton is exceeding expectations in Cumbria where Arnold ‘Boxer’ Walker, the rugby legend, is still a hero to many – being both a Workington Town and Whitehaven Hall Of Fame Inductee. Mike Gardner is a sports journalist with encylopedic knowledge of the rugby world and his book is a vivid account of Boxer’s story, full of its highs and lows, for instance the day he was felled so heavily at the Recreation Ground that a rumour spread around the terraces that the tackle had killed him.





Douglas Walker Review in the Sun


Playing the Grey Man by Robert Moon has just been reviewed by Douglas Walker in the Sun newspaper. Among other things, the book describes corruption in the Scots police in fictional form. Robert is a former member of the SAS  and a former policeman and he felt compelled to write from his own experiences as a policeman, experiences that have left him critical of various aspects of policing in Scotland.



Exmouth Book Launch

Louise Hocking & Bob Austen

The Seagull Hotel is Kirstine Richards’ account of how, in 1945, she and her German friend Gerdy, both war widows, opened a hotel in Exmouth that became famous for its high-quality cuisine and for the hordes of children who scrabbled in the extra-large sandpit in the front garden. It’s a charming account and YouCaxton are very pleased to have been  involved in the publication. The Exmouth launch was held last Saturday and the picture shows Dr Nick Richards, Kirstine’s son who discovered the manuscript, speaking to Louise Hocking, a great niece of the Exmouth boatman who taught Nick to row in the channel opposite the hotel many years ago.