Football’s Golden Decades
Barry McLoughlin

Football’s Golden Decades
Four of Wembley finest finals

Decades before England’s Euro 2020 success, there was another gilded era for English football… massive crowds packed stadiums as fans regained their hunger for professional soccer after the war. From the sensational Cup Final of 1939 to England’s World Cup triumph twenty-seven years later, football was still in its Age of Innocence, before superstardom and eye-watering wages. Players were part of the same community as those who watched them – and, thanks to the maximum wage, didn’t earn much more than them either. The business of playing and watching football has been transformed beyond recognition since then. Grounds are safer and more comfortable, players are faster and fitter. Tactically, too, football is much more sophisticated than when players used to line up in a rigid 2–3–5 formation. Yet, as the game has become a multi-billion pound industry, fuelled at the top end by lucrative TV contracts, has soccer lost its soul?
Published:Oct 2021
Paperback:119 pages
Colour images:50
Size:6 x 9 ins

In a blend of personal reminiscence and reportage, Barry McLoughlin – the son of an FA Cup-winning England international – looks back to four of the most famous Wembley finals, and examines the social and cultural background of the era through a study of grounds and football programmes. Packed with colour and black and white illustrations, it’s an essential guide to a pivotal period in British football.

The Box of Beautiful Letters
Cheryl Underhill

The Box of Beautiful Letters
A wartime love story revealed from the 1939-1941 correspondence between Lily Smith and RAF pilot Martyn Allies
Lily and Martyn met in London and fell in love at the beginning of World War II, before the bombs had started to fall. Shortly after, Lily, then aged nineteen, was evacuated to work in Torquay and Martyn was called up to train as an RAF pilot. As their feelings for one another deepened and their affectionate letters became ever more passionate, circumstances forced them to live further apart.
The war intensified and Lily moved back to Woodford Green in London. The couple kept up each other’s spirits through their prolific letters, Martyn describing his alarming flying experiences, and Lily painting a colourful picture of everyday life amidst air-raid sirens and bombing raids.
Was marriage ever going to be within their reach? Their letters give a rare insight into life in war-torn Britain and into the experiences of a fledgling RAF pilot advancing to the status of a Coastal Command pilot operating from Iceland.
Published: Sept 2021
Paperback: 364 pages
Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425944

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This treasure-trove of letters might have remained hidden forever had not Cheryl Underhill found them in a battered cardboard box at the back of a cupboard. Painstaking work has knitted them together to form this remarkable book.

Cheryl Underhill, a former primary school teacher, discovered many new interests in retirement and one of these, encouraged by her membership of the u3a, was historical research. Once she had set about reading the wartime letters that she’d discovered, and appreciated how well-written they were, she embarked on producing a book to tell the writers’ story, in the context of its era. This, she hoped, would be a tribute to Lily Smith and Martyn Allies’ love for each other, and the love felt for them by their family and the many others with whom their lives had been entwined.

Fleet Street Exposures – with Foreword by Charlie Wilson
Stephen Markeson

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By Stephen Markeson

Publication Date: 15th Sept 2021
Hardback: 168 pages with 80 Photographs
ISBN: 978-1-914424-16-8

The career of a Fleet Street photographer can be made or stalled in an instant…the millisecond it takes for the camera shutter to capture an iconic image that speaks a thousand words or just yet another frame destined to be discarded on the darkroom floor.

Stephen allows the photographs to speak for themselves but brilliantly lets us in on some of the circumstances, opportunities and fortune that framed the story behind the story.

Charles Wilson
Editor of The Times 1985-1990

Stephen Markeson is, undoubtedly, one of the legendary photojournalists of the golden era of Fleet Street and his lens a witness to the making of history.

Ron Morgans
Picture editor Daily Express 1967-73,
Today 1985-93, Daily Mirror 1993-2000.

A series of still life photographs using a technique known as Painting With Light.
Paul Knight

Paul Knight

My first passion as a teenager was photographing the parks of central London at dusk when most people had left for the day.
I then discovered the Lake District through a friend and together we toured the Lakes with our 5x4 and medium format cameras; this quickly became the course I would follow.
After living in Windermere over a period of two years I found my new direction in the Ancient sites of this country, and Egypt as well as producing pictures for album and book covers. However, when I was asked to submit some images to illustrate an album of Schumann’s Dichterliebe, I read the poems from Lyrisches Intermezzo and I realised that landscapes were not going to represent how I felt about the piece.
Published:December 2020
Hardback:110 pages
Size:265 x 265 mm

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I decided to move away from landscape photography and instead create a collection that captured the essence of nature and the spirit of mystery. This requires control of every element within the image, creating new dynamics and relationships of the usually familiar.
This series of still life photographs use a technique known as Painting With Light.
It involves long camera exposures and a moving light source to create a soft painterly quality which is reminiscent of the paintings from the Dutch Golden Age of Art and can be seen in still life studies, landscapes and portraiture of that period.

A collection of drawings and paintings produced over five years
Sam Branton – Three Seasons

Three Seasons by Sam Branton
Three Seasons is a collection of drawings and paintings produced over the last five years based on the same underlying theme but divided into three distinct styles.
The underlying theme is a presentation of animals in unlikely settings or improbable pairings which results in a sometimes surreal and sometimes humerous impression on the viewer. Some of the images include references to animals in classical paintings but an essential feature of my work is to present animals in a playful rather than hostile setting.
The first season, Deluge, is a collection of tranquil monochrome drawings using red pencil. Most of these are drawn to a small scale and they are printed in the book at actual size. The drawings are set in neo-classical landscapes and they never quite tell the entire story, but should instead be considered as a frame or still image from a bigger story to be imagined or created by the viewer.
Published:Jan 2021
Hardback:140 pages
Size:265 x 265 mm

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Season two, Holy Ground, is a collection of small oil paintings, building on the theme of animals in neo-classical landscapes and partial story telling but now introducing an extra element of mystery in some of the paintings by only showing a fragment of an entire painting. This was influenced by seeing remnants of images found in ancient remains in Greece and Italy which create a puzzle for historians to reimagine the complete original picture and the story being depicted.
Season three, Luciferase, builds on the Deluge theme, but now uses black pencil drawings to present the animals in a night-time setting using curious natural light sources to provide illumination. The monochrome images and lighting are sometimes used to create the illusion that the drawings represents a sculpture rather than living animals.
The endpapers in this book are taken from the triptych, Roses Within.

Alternative Film Posters A-Z
Jeremy Arblaster

Alternative Film Posters


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Compiled by Jeremy Arblaster

Edited by Blaise Radley

Publication Date: 15th Feb 2021
Hardback: 150 Full Colour pages
ISBN: 978-1-913425-81-4

150 pages of Alternative Film Posters,

arranged alphabetically in a chic, A4 coffee-table style book.

Featuring artwork from more than fifty artists from across the world,

along with contributions from several young up-and-coming film critics.

A great gift for cinema lovers - by cinema lovers.

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Mischievous Mabel
Catherine J Leeves

Mischievous Mabel
by Catherine J Leeves

In rural Devon the arrival of a border terrier puppy called Mabel turns life upside down for her new owners and for their cat and hen. Calm and quiet are replaced with chaos and mayhem. Mr and Mrs Dartmoor discover that life with a cute looking but highly energetic little bundle of naughty mischief will never be the same again.
Published:1st July 2021
Paperback:60 pages

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Catherine lives in Devon with her husband Jon. Catherine works at her local supermarket as a clothing assistant. She loves animals especially horses, ponies, cows, dogs and cats. Her interests are horse riding, walking in the countryside and along the coast with Jon. She likes to challenge herself and flew down England's longest and fastest zip wire with some like-minded adventurous friends in 2018 for charity. She also enjoys reading, listening to music and Zumba dance classes. This is Catherine's first book and was written during the summer of 2020 and the autumn and wintertime lockdowns as a fun new project.

The Pastoral Symphony – Part 3 of the Beethoven Trilogy
Tess Alps

The Harp Quartet
Book Three of the Beethoven Trilogy

Reunited with her family in Rowanbridge after twelve years’ estrangement, Cathy Fitzgerald is forced to reconcile herself to the shocking secrets revealed to her by her mother, Hannah. She must reassess many of the people who featured so vividly in her childhood, the secretive, the sinister and the sinful. But making up for lost time and rebuilding family life with her three siblings is joyful.
Cathy helps her young son, Johnny, discover his place within both his Irish family and that of his English father. But where does she belong herself? The Maple Academy in Dalkey is her home but the lure of Connemara proves irresistible; there are many people there waiting for her to rescue them after their brutal experiences at Letterfrack School. Cathy creates a new life for herself as a professional healer, where music plays a central role, while Ireland continues to struggle with its own painful past. Cathy realises that true healing depends not only on love and kindness, which she has in abundance, but also on justice, which is a much harder goal to pursue.
Published: July 2021
Paperback: 420 pages
Price: £13.99
ISBN: 9-781914-424090

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Tess Alps has written all her adult life, from educational plays from her time in theatre-in-education to regular columns on advertising for The Guardian. She read English at Durham and her long career in advertising has required many forms of writing. But this is her first published novel. Inspired by a photograph of her grandmother at a finishing school in Dublin, and using snippets of memories from her mother, The Harp Quartet is the first of three novels about Hannah McDermott and her family. The second is The Moonlight Sonata, and the final part is The Pastoral Symphony. It is fitting that this ‘Beethoven trilogy’ is making its first appearance in the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven’s birth. Although the book is inspired by Tess’s grandmother and mother, the characters are totally fictional and bear no resemblance to any real person, living or dead. Tess lives in the Chilterns with her husband. She edits the village magazine and is an avid gardener, competing fiercely in the village-garden club shows.