Knights of the Gold Cross
Jack Shortman

Knights of the Gold Cross
by Jack Shortman

A Myth that was Lost for Centuries,
Searched for by Generations but never Discovered.

When the Earl of Halfreton finds that a priceless Gold Cross belonging to the family for generations has gone missing, he is set upon by thugs trying to steal the Cross. He calls his brother for help. When the British Secret Service and then the Israeli Secret Service become involved things start to look very serious.

A young woman, an Israeli agent, is abducted by MI5 because she posed a threat to the Earl. The two brothers sail to Malta in pursuit of answers. The story wheels to its conclusion in a scintillating, fast-moving whirl of activity.
Published: Jan 2021
Paperback: 101 pages
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425678

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Jack Shortman was born in 1937 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. His mother died soon after his birth and he was brought up by his uncle and aunt.
At the age of fifteen he left school and took up an apprentice as a bricklayer, until the age of eighteen when he had to enlist as a National Serviceman.
He was posted to Carlisle in the Royal Armoured Corps and was then rebadged to the Royal Horse Guards. He went with his regiment to Cyprus from 1955 to his demob in 1957 and then moved to Oswestry, Shropshire, where he met and married his wife Mary. He worked for a short time on the local railways but in 1960 he re-enlisted with his old regiment and served for two years in Knightsbridge on Her Majesty's duties. He was posted to Windsor and then to Germany until 1966.
In 1969 the regiment amalgamated with the Royal Dragoons and Jack joined the Life Guards, the other household cavalry regiment. He served with them in Windsor and Germany until his final demob in 1978.

Alternative Film Posters A-Z
Jeremy Arblaster

Alternative Film Posters


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Compiled by Jeremy Arblaster

Edited by Blaise Radley

Publication Date: 15th Feb 2021
Hardback: 150 Full Colour pages
ISBN: 978-1-913425-81-4

150 pages of Alternative Film Posters,

arranged alphabetically in a chic, A4 coffee-table style book.

Featuring artwork from more than fifty artists from across the world,

along with contributions from several young up-and-coming film critics.

A great gift for cinema lovers - by cinema lovers.

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From Chapel to Chief Constable
Tony Leonard

From Chapel to Chief Constable
Principles, Politics and Public Service
Tony Leonard

Tony Leonard was born into a working-class family in Kirkburton in Yorkshire and grew up in a tied house in the grounds of a mental hospital. There he mixed with the staff of the hospital and with their children, encountering a far wider variety of nationalities, languages and political cultures than a working-class lad would otherwise have encountered in the locality.

Thiis memoir describes his personal and professional journey from that small, self-contained community, via the LSE where he was a sociology graduate and Hull University where he gained a Doctorate in Politics, into the national and international world of policing. He served in four diff erent police forces, rising from constable to Chief Constable.

Published: Jan 2021
Paperback: 117 pages
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425661

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Uniting all aspects of a long and distinguished career has been his lifelong Christian commitment, also a commitment to equality and socialism, two moral positions that have guided his decision-making throughout. During the Miners’ Strike he maintained Derbyshire’s independence from external pressure through operational policies quite diff erent from those of the surrounding forces; as Chief of Humberside he repaired relations with the Police Authority and introduced widespread reforms in personnel policies, stressing the need for gender equality and insisting on high professional integrity at all times. He also successfully persuaded the Boundary Commission to retain the Police, Fire and Ambulance services on a county-wide basis after the abolition of Humberside County Council.

Barley’s Biscuit
Roy Bradshaw

Barley's Biscuit
Brosely, Benthall Edge
(Pattern's Rock Quarry)

Barley is a clever dog who loves a biscuit treat.
He feels that if a treat is earned it always tastes better.
Alongside his nephew Basil, and their human friend Mick, Barley always spots some sort of dangerous situation happening during their walks in and around the beauty spots of Shropshire.
Follow the adventures Barley and Basil go through during their walks, and the interesting facts they pick up along the way about the different areas of outstanding natural or manufactured beauty.
Enjoy the clever way Barley draws a solution and Basil helps to resolve the dangerous situation.
Published: Jan 2021
Price: £5.99
Paperback 28 pages
Illustrations: Full colour
ISBN: 9-781913-425715

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This first book finds Basil accidentally becoming the dangerous situation at Pattern’s Rock Quarry and its steep cliff edge sides. During a rainy and stormy day, Barley has to be clever, sensible and brave to rescue his nephew from a fate too horrible to think about. During the two dog’s adventures, Mick their human friend, never knows what’s going on, but somehow, Barley always gets a biscuit… and so does Basil.

Teaching in primary, secondary and special educational needs schools gave Roy Bradshaw a broad experience in the joys that a good adventure story brings to young minds (and not so young minds). Coupled with a previous career in engineering, the teaching helped to gel a problem-solving mind with fun one. Growing up in the Black Country, then moving close to Ironbridge some thirty years ago has allowed him to discover many of the local beauty spots and to use them as a background for my children’s books.
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A collection of drawings and paintings produced over the last five years
Sam Branton – Three Seasons

Three Seasons by Sam Branton
Three Seasons is a collection of drawings and paintings produced over the last five years based on the same underlying theme but divided into three distinct styles.
The underlying theme is a presentation of animals in unlikely settings or improbable pairings which results in a sometimes surreal and sometimes humerous impression on the viewer. Some of the images include references to animals in classical paintings but an essential feature of my work is to present animals in a playful rather than hostile setting.
The first season, Deluge, is a collection of tranquil monochrome drawings using red pencil. Most of these are drawn to a small scale and they are printed in the book at actual size. The drawings are set in neo-classical landscapes and they never quite tell the entire story, but should instead be considered as a frame or still image from a bigger story to be imagined or created by the viewer.
Published:Jan 2021
Hardback:140 pages
Size:265 x 265 mm

£30.00 (+ £3.50 postage)
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Season two, Holy Ground, is a collection of small oil paintings, building on the theme of animals in neo-classical landscapes and partial story telling but now introducing an extra element of mystery in some of the paintings by only showing a fragment of an entire painting. This was influenced by seeing remnants of images found in ancient remains in Greece and Italy which create a puzzle for historians to reimagine the complete original picture and the story being depicted.
Season three, Luciferase, builds on the Deluge theme, but now uses black pencil drawings to present the animals in a night-time setting using curious natural light sources to provide illumination. The monochrome images and lighting are sometimes used to create the illusion that the drawings represents a sculpture rather than living animals.
The endpapers in this book are taken from the triptych, Roses Within.

The Golden Thread of God’s Love
Gill Ganie

The Golden Thread of God’s Love
From South Africa to the UK and beyond,
A narrative of an ‘ordinary’ man with an extraordinary God

BORN IN OBSCURITY to a single Hindu woman in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1958 during the apartheid era, Omar was a charming, humorous individual. This poignant biography describes how he was relocated to the UK and through many challenges developed resilience and strength of character.

It tells how he experienced God’s presence from a young age and became a Christian as a teenager and how, from that, all else followed.
Omar’s unswerving faith in Jesus led him to believe with Him no problem is insurmountable. In later life, Omar returned to South Africa to retrace his roots and discover the truth about his origins – discoveries which caused him to re-evaluate his life and thank God again for his faithfulness throughout.

Published: Dec 2020
Paperback: 140 pages
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425180
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All profits will go to The Sozo Foundation – based in the impoverished Cape Flats community of Vrygrond, Cape Town, South Africa (

Gill Ganie is a part-time Health Visitor and has a degree in Public Health Nursing. She does not profess to be a professional writer but has, however, undertaken a writing course at City Lit College in London which at the very least spurred her on to write her first book. Gill has enjoyed being part of this story together with other members of the growing Ganie family. She is mother of three grown up children and has five grandchildren..