Writing, Walking and Publishing

YouCaxton Publications is branching out. Later this year, we will be collaborating with Writer’s Lodge on a series of retreats for writers wishing to self-publish. Courses will cover a mixture of creative writing, non-fiction writing, editing and publishing skills.

The courses will be held in Bishop’s Castle in the beautiful south-Shropshire hills where Writer’s Lodge has superb accommodation and studio space. Along with the courses there will be plenty of time to explore the area and to try out the many delights of the region.






A new novel about double dealing in the murky world of international football
Alec McGivan and Hugh Roderick

The Bid by Alec McGivan and Hugh Roderick

A new novel about double dealing in the murky world of international football. Snouts are in the trough and fortunes are to be made from World Cup campaigning and presidential patronage.

Who will host the Global Football Organisation’s World Cup 2003? Six countries are bidding but Russia and Germany have a gentleman’s agreement that will fix the result to suit them both. Or so it seems...

Meanwhile, the GFO’s President is up for re-election. He and his confidants – including the sinister ‘Laundryman’ – are desperate to hang onto their golden tickets. And they don’t care how they get the support they need.

Bumbling onto the international stage comes England’s credulous football chief. He begins to unravel a web of corruption, some of it closer to home than he ever imagined. But how can an elderly Cornishman bring down this monstrous organisation? Or will he get blown away by ruthless men with too much to lose?

Published: March 2022
Paperback: 385 pages
Price: £9.95
ISBN: 978-1-914424-29-8
Available from Amazon

Sometimes this is a world of farce. Where a drunken former footballer is slow to unravel the mysteries of Bangkok. And where a GFO Board member happily offers his World Cup vote in exchange for naming rights to a royal baby.

Then suddenly it all becomes a matter of life and death...

Alec McGivan

Alec was born and brought up in Bristol, the son of Welsh parents.

In 1981 he was appointed National Organiser of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the new party’s first member of staff. He quickly established a reputation as a formidable campaigner in a series of high-profile parliamentary by-election victories.

A decade later Alec was recruited by The Football Association to be part of its management team established to plan and stage manage the highly acclaimed Euro 96 tournament. He then became Director of a bid to stage the World Cup in 2006. Following the bid Alec joined the BBC, working first on the project to renew the BBC’s Charter, and then as Head of BBC Outreach.

Hugh Roderick

By a strange coincidence, Hugh Roderick was also born in Bristol to Welsh parents. But the authors first met much later, while living in the same village in Oxfordshire.

After university he became a journalist, specialising in education. He went on to write speeches for Government Ministers (including Shirley Williams…coincidentally one of the SDP ‘Gang of Four’ that Alec was working with shortly afterwards) and IBM UK’s chairman and CEO. Hugh later headed marketing and communications at the Science Museum, and then became director of a corporate marketing agency.

What Did the Canaanites ever Do for Us?

Were the Canaanites just an obscure group whose main claim to fame was that they were around when the early Jews invaded Palestine, a defeated people forced into a long retreat in the face of militant Jewish monotheism?

Those who wrote the Old Testament wanted you to think so.

Bob Fowke will attempt to set the record straight in a talk for the Bishop’s Castle Arts Festival, 2.00 pm Saturday 26 February, in the Church Barn, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire. He will be looking at pre-Jewish Canaanite culture and the origins of Jewish identity within it, the foundation of Carthage and how the Canaanites gave us the phonetic alphabet, Judaism itself and much more.

Special Purpose Aircraft
Frank Hitchens

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By Frank Hitchens

Publication Date: 14th February 2022
Paperback: 462 pages with 340 Colour Photographs
ISBN: 978-1-914424-46-5

This book, Special Purpose Aircraft, covers aircraft which were designed or used for special research or experimental purposes. It also includes prototypes, VTOL, X-planes and US Presidential aircraft. The book contains entries for around 250 types of aircraft and each entry contains at least one photograph or more. Technical details on the aircraft type and a detailed background about its special purpose are included in each individual aircraft.

British Metal Woodworking Planes 1800-2000 (4 Volumes)
Jeffrey W. Warner

After 15 years of painstaking research Jeff Warner’s epic study of English metal planes and their makers has finally been published in a four volume hardback set.

Volume One (528pp)
Begins with a brief study of early metal planes before 1800 and goes on to explain the beginnings of professional plane making during the century with detailed descriptions of makers such as Robert Towell and Kerr going on to Norris, Preston, Spiers and the like.

Volume Two (289pp)
Dealers and retailers of metal planes.

Volume Three (412pp)
English metal planes from 1928 –1960, mainly American style planes pre the DIY era.

Volume Four (438pp)
English metal planes from 1960 –2000, mainly American style planes post the DIY era.

All the volumes are profusely illustrated with detailed colour photographs of planes, packaging and catalogue extracts. The set is an invaluable resource of information to tool and plane collectors and should rank alongside the other standard works of the tool world.

Available from GandMTools

Wolverhampton Literature Festival

We’re hosting a workshop on self-publishing at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival, Friday 4 February, 11.00 am – 1.00 pm, all welcome.

The workshop will cover all aspects of publishing:

1. What kind of book? Thinking about the reader.
2. Editing and why it matters.
3. Preparing the manuscript and thinking about the niche.
4. Design, layout and print-ready files.
5. Printing, publication and ISBNs.
6. Distribution through Amazon, online sales, and
7. eBooks.



The Adventures of Agnes : Wartime nursing in Bulgaria, Poland, Persia and Russia 1912-1919
Tom Fowke

The Adventures of Agnes

Agnes Greg was born into a wealthy Lancashire cotton family. In 1912 a middle-aged Edwardian lady at a loose end, she decided to try her hand at nursing. Providentially, after many years of peace, Europe just then became engulfed in war and opportunities arose. Barred from nursing for the British, for seven years she worked behind the front lines of friendly or allied armies in the Balkans, Poland, Persia and Russia often in improvised field hospitals and dressing stations in difficult conditions and she journeyed long distances between them, often by primitive means. She had a traveller’s eye for landscapes and places of interest and mixed easily with local and expatriate populations. She nursed Turkish prisoners of war in Bulgaria, local peasants, Russian soldiers fighting Austrians and Germans in Poland and fighting Turks in Persia. At times she was seriously ill herself and she was trapped in the Caucasus for nearly two years during the Russian revolution and civil war.

This book uses Agnes’s extensive correspondence with family and friends so that the reader hears her adventures described in her own vivid and amusing words and all intermingled with private and domestic concerns illustrative of her epoch and circumstances. Additional background material provides the political, military and family contexts.

Published: Dec 2021
Hardback: 268 pages
Price: £24.00
ISBN: 9-781914-424328

Available from Amazon

Tom Fowke was formerly a civil engineer in various areas of the water industry. He is a great-nephew of Agnes Greg, and is married with two children and two grandchildren. Now retired to England, he previously worked for periods in Qatar, Iran and New Zealand, and lived for some years in Spain.

My Brother Tom Has Superpowers
Harriet Axbey

Published: Dec 2021
Price: £5.99
Hardback 24 pages
Illustrations: Full colour
ISBN: 9-781914-424250

Available in the UK
from YouCaxton

£5.99 (+ £3 postage)
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Grace is sure her brother Tom can read minds; he knows exactly what everyone's thinking!
Grace just has to guess (which can be hard at times).
But things might not be exactly as they seem with Tom's powers.

A story about the different gifts all have, as seen from an autistic perspective.
Created by both autistic author & illustrator.