A photographic document showing the conditions in the Moria refugee camp in Greece
Mark Slater

Refugees of Moria
Mark Slater

In September 2020, a fire ripped through the Moria refugee camp.
Twelve Thousand people had no choice but to sleep on the side of the roads around what was left of the camp.
This book documents the conditions of the people who lived in this overcrowded, unhygienic and inhumane European refugee camp in the 21st century.
Europe has not seen scenes like this since the end of WW2 and the war in the Balkans during the 1980s.
The refugees need our collective support and humanity.
Published:December 2020
Hardback:102 pages
Size:229 x 178 mm

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Come on You Rams!
Nigel Jepson

Come on You Rams!
The Story of Ramsbottom United Football Club

What makes Ramsbottom United unique as a football club? Well, for one thing, which other club could boast of having a character like Harry Williams at its helm for the whole of its 54 years of existence to date? Starting out as manager at the age of 22 in the year Ramsbottom United was founded in 1966 – the same year England won the World Cup – Harry continued in that role until becoming chairman in the 1980s, remaining in this latter post right up to the present day. Still as young-looking as ever! While charting the history of the club as a whole, this book features the extraordinary role played by Harry, who has succeeded in doing everything within his forward-looking (and famously thrifty!) powers to launch the club on its way to becoming a giant within the folk-lore of the semi-pro circuit. Not for nothing has Harry been dubbed ‘Mr Ramsbottom United’. Even so, this story is crowded with many other colourful characters who have followed in Harry’s pioneering foot-steps.
Published: Dec 2020
Paperback: 216 pages
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ISBN: 9-781913-425654

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For example, the fiery managerial duo of Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson, later to be featured in the TV programme ‘Class of 92’, cut their teeth at the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium. In essence, this book provides a heady cocktail of tales and testimonies, triumphs and tragedies, on and off the pitch, told through a vast number of eye-witness accounts across the years – managers, players, fans and all those working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the club what it is to-day. Above all else, this is a story about a club always punching above its weight. A story which contains a wealth of interest to anyone curious to learn more about football played at this distinctive level of ‘the great national game’.

Nigel Jepson lives in Ramsbottom and is a keen supporter of Ramsbottom United. He moved to the area in the mid-90s after taking up post as Head Teacher at nearby Haslingden High School. His last UK head’s post was at Kearsley Academy in Bolton from 2010 to 2014. ‘Retired’, he has carried out interim work abroad in the meantime, serving as Principal in Dubai during 2016 and carrying out a teacher training programme in schools in New Delhi in 2018.
Keen throughout his life on team sports, he has also taken to the challenge of marathon-running starting with London (1982) and moving through to New York (2001). Over 2017 to 2019, he has run four more marathons in Dubai, Belfast, Manchester and Liverpool.

Nigel’s writing has to date concentrated on novels, with four publications:

‘The Inspector and the Superhead’ (2000)
‘Cut and Run’ (2006)
‘In a League of His Own’ (2011)
‘Speed is of the Essence’ (2015)

Having studied for a History degree at Cambridge University back in the day, it is ironic that this work marks his baptism in the sphere of history-writing!

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Eleanor Harriet Loxley

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Post-War France: Two Familes, Two Secrets, One Tragedy

In 1950, when newly-married Nancy is taken to France by her husband Tom, they find themselves living next door to Monsieur and Madame Aubin, whom Tom knew during the War. Nancy is disconcerted to discover that the Aubins know far more about her new husband than Nancy does. She is homesick for England and after the birth of her first child the Aubins have to come to her aid. Tragedy stalks both families. Deep emotional scars inflicted during the war distort the two families’ responses to misfortune and loss - throughout their lives.
There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel when Nancy’s second daughter, Rosemary, sets out to unravel the mysteries surrounding her parents and the mysterious Aubins. Nothing is certain and the result is unpredictable.
Published: Dec 2020
Paperback: 260 pages
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ISBN: 9-781913-425524

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Eleanor appeared in Essex, trained as a nurse in Surrey, read Psychology at Bedford College at London University and became a Clinical Psychologist in Birmingham. At some point she acquired a PhD in English Literature. She works part time, writes part time and gardens with gusto. She lives in Shropshire with several Siamese cats. She does not live with her partner because he has the house next door.

Secrets from the Red Phone Box
Philomena Plunkett

Have you ever had unfettered access to people’s private conversations and lives!!
Here is your chance to enjoy fun and light-hearted good humour.
After years of listening to private unedited conversations from people from all walks of life the ‘Spirit’ of the Red Phone Box has a kaleidoscope of stories to tell. It has provided a red cloak of privacy, a safe space for humans to come and communicate with others, often letting their guard down and revealing a bit extra in the privacy of the Red Phone Box. My motto was always “what is said in my box stays in my box” That was up until 2020.
Finally with no holding back the Red Phone Box is spilling the beans to allow you into its world and the private world of its customers over the years.
The stories from telephone conversations that I was given unrestricted access to are amusing, happy, sad, and full of hope.
If you think the level of intrigue is reduced when I am reincarnated as a library, think again.
Published: Dec 2020
Paperback: 67 pages
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425586

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The library lends itself to a shadier side of the human nature, when we think no one is observing we can truly be ourselves and misbehave a little.

Philomena Plunkett was born and brought up in Dublin before embarking on the wider adventures of life. She took a psychology degree at Liverpool University and has roamed the world finally settling in England. She is a practicing psychotherapist, keen photographer, and avid observer of life.

Rescue Tugs at War
Stanley Charles Butler RNVR


A Personal Account Of Life In
The Royal Navy Rescue Tug Service

Edited by Peter P Butler

In 1940 Stanley Butler answered the call for merchant navy personnel to join the Royal Navy rescue tug service. For two years he served on HMRT Restive as second engineer, escorting convoys across the North Atlantic. The atrocious weather conditions and attacks by U-boats left many ships in distress. Restive also aided convoys from Iceland to Murmansk in northern Russia. Stanley Butler was usually part of the boarding party sent to assist these stricken ships and the casualty would be towed to either Iceland or the UK. In 1943 he was promoted to chief engineer and was transferred to HMRT Prudent, which was based in Durban South Africa until the end of the war.

Published: Nov 2020
Paperback: 149 pages
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9-781913-425500
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This very personal account gives a snapshot of his life in the 1940’s. Stanley recalls many humorous misadventures during shore leave, and gives some very detailed accounts of rescues he was involved with. There are wonderful descriptions of family life, and the difficulties of travelling by rail in the UK during the war. Stanley survived the war despite the many dangerous situations he was in. In an ironic twist of fate, his wife and child were killed in one of the few air raids on rural Cornwall.

Stanley Butler grew up on a farm near Colchester with a passion for steam traction engines. In 1936 he joined the merchant navy as an engineer and spent the next four years in the Far East. Based in Japan for a year, Stanley made many journeys inland by train. During WW2 he served in the Royal Navy. After de-mob he worked in Caltex Oil Company in Dublin for 12 years. His next job was with British Coal. For this he moved with his wife and 3 children to Sheffield, close to the beautiful Peak District. Most week-ends he would bring his children and grand-children out on walks or visits to places of interest. It was a shock to everyone when he died suddenly at the age of 66.