The Winning Link
Michael Salako

TheWinningLink Have you ever met anyone who dares to lose in any undertaking? Be careful if you do. Desire for the euphoria and fulfilment associated with winning can be addictive. But must winning be driven by a quest for this sensation? And does having this experience define who a winner is? There’s more to winning than winning; it is possible to win and yet to feel unfulfilled. After a winner emerges from any competition, people rally round for the winner’s winning tips. They tend to forget the time-tested truth that slow and steady wins the race and someone who seems to be an overnight star may always have been a star, one who dreamed of victory before he won. Most world-renowned talents never had their beds laid for them filled with roses as glamourous media coverage would have us believe. Winners win because they nurture the winner within them.
Published:1st Nov 2014
Paperback:144 pages

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There is a treasure worth having that is more secure than all the financial centres of this world - the true knowledge of who you are and the strength to believe in yourself. In this wonderful book, everyday occurrences are used to demonstrate the different factors that turn dreams into hope - the hope that you will be the subject of the next winning story for the world to write and talk about. Michael E. Salako writes from experience that cuts across healthcare services, lecturing and banking. He holds an MBA (Finance) with a British University.


Arlette Meli
I read this book at distressful phase of my life. I was not really motivated go read it as I was feeling really low until the day I started the first page. It became like an obsession, the book was the answer to all my questions and things seemed clearer and achievable. From chapter 4, I really liked it as it becomes more dynamic and interesting. Thanks again Michael for your book.

Had We Lived
Richard Jopling

Invite COVER_front Richard Jopling's new novel, 'Had We Lived: After Captain Scott,' picks up on one of the last things that the dying Captain Scott wrote:
'Had we lived, I would have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance, and courage of my companions which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman.'
For one of the survivors these words would have had particular poignancy. Apsley Cherry-Garrard did live on but he had to take with him the fear that he could have saved Scott and his two closest friends. The novel fast forwards to the late 1950s and to Cherry's friendship with a boy who shares his love of the English countryside and a thirst for adventure. This is a wide-sweeping novel that takes the reader on a journey from an imperial battlefield to the challenges of Antarctica and forward to a new era.
Published:1st Oct 2014
Paperback:235 pages

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Richard Jopling’s enthusiasm for Captain Scott’s expedition was fired by reading Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s Worst Journey in The World. This led him to undertake over ten year’s research into the heroic age of Antarctic exploration and made him determined to capture the extraordinary spirit and times of those explorers in a novel.
Richard has a wide range of teaching and lecturing experience. He is now a freelance writer and lecturer and welcomes invitations to speak at events. He and his wife Christine live in rural Shropshire and spend a considerable part of the year in Cornwall.

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Had we Lived
I really enjoyed this book, I was totally immersed in the story, when it was cold I felt cold,when it was bleak I felt bleak. In contrast, I enjoyed the warmth of the relationships Cherry had with the other characters in the story especially his sister Ida and the young boy Pip. It was well researched and I felt a sense of time and place. At one point in the story Richard is describing "Sterling Currency" and it made me go and look at my own collection of "Old Money". The unexpected bonus was learning about the Emperor Penguin, I am planning a trip to the Natural History Museum in London to see the egg for myself.
Cherry Picking
This is a must read, a wonderful insight into times past. To comprehend the courage and determination required by such people, to imagine what they experienced at such a young age and the contrast to what they had left behind is brought to life in this exceptional book. I highly recommend it.
A rattling good read
I thought I knew about Scott and Oates but I had not heard of Cherry-Garrard other than as a name. This book changed all that in a delightfully racy and erudite style that combined historical commentary with some "Boy's Own" storytelling. The contrast in this remarkable book between the life in England and the extraordinary harshness of the Antarctic winter, added to the feeling of scale. The reader spans the British Empire from its greatest days to its decline, spans the globe from Surrey to the South Pole and spans the life of an man totally dominated by two years of his youth. A feat of writing about a physical feat of unimaginable severity and a rattling good read!
An addictive read
This is a must read, a wonderful insight into times past. To comprehend the courage and determination required by such people, to imagine what they experienced at such a young age and the contrast to what they had left behind is brought to life in this exceptional book. I highly recommend it.

Adventures of Sammy the Submarine
Trevor Andrew-Gernand

TAG-ASS-438 cover 1price.indd Read the amazing adventures of Sammy the Submarine and discover all the fabulous creatures he meets on his wonderful journey under the sea. From submarines to sting rays, he meets them all.
Published:Nov 2016
Paperback:40 pages

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Trevor Andrew-Gernand was a submariner who has worked for many years supporting ex-submariners.
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Journey From the summit
by Lorraine Ereira

jfts Journey From the Summit
by Lorraine Ereira

Flossie has had enough of men! After two failed relationships, she decides that she just wants to party and have fun. So she embarks on a summer of singledom, vowing to herself that she has finally closed the door on heartbreak hotel!!
Then on a night out with friends she meets Saul. The connection she feels between them is one she cannot ignore. Eventually she has no choice but to give in to the compelling force of her feelings, and she falls head over heels in love.
But fate is cruel, letting her meet him, waiting until she is desperately in love, then snatching him away.
Her love for Saul takes her on the most difficult journey she will ever make, sending her to places she never dreamed she would go, and she discovers that the road to true happiness is long, hard and dangerous.
Journey From the Summit is a true and intense story of heartache, hope and the indestructible connection that real love brings.
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by Lorraine Ereira”

Liverpool, Kirkby and Me
David Lawler

Lawler_frontcover A touching and imaginative account of growing up in Kirkby new town in the 1950s. David Lawler's memoir describes a moment when the rustic world of the old Kirkby was in fast retreat, when pubs and 'mobile shops' had begun to clutter the landscape along with all the new homes.  'Z-cars' patrolled the area - it was a new town but the old problems remained. He describes how a group of young 'rock 'n' roll' lads sought fame and fortune and we watch the years roll by: the Cold War, Sputniks circling in space, 'rock 'n' roll' blaring from pirate radio stations.
Published:1st April 2015
Paperback:190 pages

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David Lawler, formerly of Kirkby College of Further Education and later of Knowsley Community College spent much of his life in the Kirkby area and takes a special interest in the development of new towns and in the social implications of their establishment. David was instrumental in setting up the award-winning Acorn Venture Urban Farm at Kirkby which has special facilities for young people and adults with special needs.

Not Quite the Full Chapati
Kath Hirani

Kath Hirani Bookcover 1200 Janice Saheed is no stranger to racism. Her husband is one of the first Asians to settle in England after the War although Janice herself is white. However, on her first day at school, Janice's four-year-old daughter, Joanna, meets local-girl, Helen, and a lifelong friendship is forged that transcends prejudice. Twent years on and now a young woman, Joanna is still struggling with her mixed-race identity and having to cope with racism when, against all her advice, her friend Helen falls for Rahim Ismail, a handsome dentist - and it is Helen's fascination with Asian culture, a fascination caused in the first place by Joanna, that is to blame. In her fight against racism from the other side of the racial divide, Helen struggles to understand why she and Rahim cannot be together. Eventually she admits defeat and decides to leave Rahim - but then, her father becomes ill and Rahim fails to vanish from her life as intended.
Paperback:354 pages

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To complicate matters yet further, Joanna's father refuses to acknowledge his daughter's marriage and Helen's father steps in to fill the gap and do the right thing for his 'adopted' daughter. Not Quite the Full Chapati! is based on a true story, a story of friendship, love, happiness, racism and heartbreak. It speaks to all of us.

A beautiful colouring book with designs based on the Cornish hedgerows
Carla Jennings

9781909644915 An adult colouring book inspired by the cornish landscape
Published:15th Oct 2015

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A Beautiful Colouring Book.

With Innocence and Hope
Mike Williams

With Innocence and Hope Cover With Innocence and Hope A unique and vivid first hand account of a young soldier, one of the millions who fought in World War I. Walter Williams, from Hodnet, volunteered at age fifteen and joined the Shropshire Light Infantry. After completing his initial training at the Shrewsbury Barracks, he passed through the notorious training camp at Etaples before being plunged into the horrors of trench warfare. He fought in some of the major battles of the war including Pachendaele, the Somme and Vimy Ridge – and was badly wounded during the final attack on the Hindenburg line when he was hit by machine-gun fire from an enemy plane. Walter's story was captured on an ancient reel-to-reel tape recorder during long conversations with his two nephews, who went on to write this remarkable story. Walter died in 1998, by which time he was one of the last veterans of World War I. Royalties from sales of the printed book bought from YouCaxton will be donated to the British Legion and Royalties from the sale of the Kindle edition are being donated to Help For Heroes
Published:1st April 2014
Paperback:274 pages
Amazon review... ...Having spent 24 years in the Army I thought I knew it all and seen it all, then I read this. I couldn't begin to imagine what he went through and all as a teenager. Wow. 'Simply Excellent'
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Great read
A really interesting and captivating read. I loved the honesty about life in the trenches and the effects on families at home. Very moving. If you like world war one non fiction this one is for you.
I highly recommended this book. I have read many WW1 books and visited more than a few of the places now infamous as killing fields that Walter experienced in the most horrendous situations. This book achieves a really good balance of accurate description and the often deadened emotional feelings which had to be engaged to get through the many challenges faced on a 24/7 basis. A most honest account written well and very well received. Thank you Mike- Well done. RIP Walter- You deserve it!
An addictive read
This is a must read, a wonderful insight into times past. To comprehend the courage and determination required by such people, to imagine what they experienced at such a young age and the contrast to what they had left behind is brought to life in this exceptional book. I highly recommend it.