Mend the Broken Pieces
Maggie Walters

Mend the Broken PIECES COVER Lizzie Strahan is single and a workaholic, a way of life self-imposed after the untimely death of her young son. Forced by ill-health to change her career as a successful barrister, she retreats to the country and embarks on a project to establish a bed and breakfast business in a small village. Out of the blue, she is joined by her good friend Mary whose husband has jilted her for a younger woman and, together, the two women start life afresh. But Lizzie’s old contacts are not so easily shaken off. One evening, a young woman, Josetta Delaney, is found murdered and Lizzie knows her. She feels compelled to find out how Josetta met her demise and then she discovers that two private-investigator friends, Robert Isaacs (‘Zak’) and Charlie Rattigan (‘Ratty’) are trying to unravel another possibly-related death. A web of deceit unfolds. It will take Lizzie and Mary on a journey of discovery that neither woman could possibly have imagined.
Paperback:284 pages

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Colour of my Heart
Kavita Comar

C_o_M_H_AW_cover "LOVE doesn't warn you when it hits. It's like a drug. You're on an awesome high; but when you try to wean yourself off, knowing that in the long run you'll be better off without it, you get withdrawal symptoms. So you go back for more, hoping it'll make you feel the same way it did when you first experienced it. Christian was my drug; he was my addiction."

Anushka Lamba, a strong minded British-Indian woman wants to shape her destiny as director of her own life. Except, she constantly battles with her inner-self - and her loving but traditional Hindu parents, who believe she is too "westernised" and not "Indian" enough. When Anu arrives at university, half way across the country, to study a degree that's far from her parent's choice - and their wavering eye - she's exposed to freedom and independence in abundance. She embarks on a secret relationship with fellow student Chris, whom she desperately wants to introduce and welcome into her family life.

Published:1st Jan 2015
Paperback:288 pages

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Her dilemmas and decisions take her on a roller-coaster ride - a tangled web of culture, identity, betrayal, confusion and heartache - in ways she could never have imagined. Is Anu strong enough to face the obstacles that stand in her way or will she give up midway and live a lesser life, leaving things to the mercy of destiny? Colour of my Heart takes us on a warm-hearted and emotional journey from Anu's present deep into her past, as she strives to assert her own happiness and discover her own identity - without losing touch with her proud Indian roots and her parent's aspirations.

Historical murder based on the true story of Brighton Artist Henry Havelock Cornell
Lauren Staton

Secrets haunt the streets of Brighton town; creativity flutters, like a moth in a lamplight; love disappears without explanation.
The torment of a man breeds hatred and mistrust from all who know him. No one is helping him and no one wants to. He writes his confession from the edge of sanity then hides his notes between his paintings where they remain until they are discovered over sixty years later
When murder is just enough to push you to the brink of insanity, the perfect place to keep you silent is the asylum. But when death approaches, the truth has nothing to lose as it emerges from the darkness of time.
Published:1st April 2016
Paperback:316 pages

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A historical novel based on the true story of Brighton Artist Henry Havelock Cornell, following the discovery of notes he had written prior to him being admitted into a mental asylum. The story, which starts in Brighton England at the turn of the twentieth century, takes us to prewar London in 1939 where our main character Harry gets involved with a blackmailing and forgery gang. Murders are committed and a string of lies are told twisting the story into a tale that has been held secret and hidden away - until now.
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The Evil Within Me
Chan Jagatia

Chan Jagiata _COVER_ v1-1 280115_ 9781909644564 You are all alone in a narrow and very dark corridor. In front of you stands a nightmarish being, the thing you fear most in the entire world. You hear it breathing. You place your hands over your mouth in order to steady your own breathing, hoping to stop the sound of your hastened breath … Be prepared for shock horror and dread! And be grateful you’re not Sam Smith. Sam has a close circle of friends but one of them has become entangled in something so awful that their web of friendship is under impossible strain. Sam has been severely tested by life but now he must undergo unimaginable obstacles - and a hellish figure of Nazrath from Ancient India emerges from the darkness.
Published:1st March 2015
Paperback:487 pages

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Maya Black - Great Read, highly recommended
I started to read this book and couldn't put it down, the suspense builds up as the story moves on and it becomes quite gripping. The characters are really good and all have their individual identity and you can't help but get pulled into their world. The book is also quite emotional at times and tugged at my heart strings a few times. I found the Indian references quite interesting too. It is a brilliant read and I definitely recommend it.

Khalid Sheikh - grabs your attention from the first page and does not release you until the very last page...
This is a brilliant debut novel by Chan Jagatia as through this book he has mixed the horror genre with Indian mythology in a way which I have never seen before in any other books or medium and mixes them both in a way which is not confusing and easy to follow. The book is also full of plot twists - majority I hadn't seen coming just when you think you have it all figured out Bam! Chan switches gears and takes the book in a different direction. In addition to this the characters are likeable, the dialogue memorable (especially the humour as it is on point) and overall the book was gripping and made me want to read to the end to find out how it all pans out. If you want a book which is a page turner, has characters to root for, good setting and plot then this book is a MUST READ for you.

Coops - Enjoyable, easy read
This is a great first novel for this author. There is awesome attention to detail centred around Indian mythology and Hindu theology, which is very enjoyable. I reckon future books will be even better so I'll be keeping my eye on what he publishes next.

Had We Lived
Richard Jopling

Invite COVER_front Richard Jopling's new novel, 'Had We Lived: After Captain Scott,' picks up on one of the last things that the dying Captain Scott wrote:
'Had we lived, I would have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance, and courage of my companions which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman.'
For one of the survivors these words would have had particular poignancy. Apsley Cherry-Garrard did live on but he had to take with him the fear that he could have saved Scott and his two closest friends. The novel fast forwards to the late 1950s and to Cherry's friendship with a boy who shares his love of the English countryside and a thirst for adventure. This is a wide-sweeping novel that takes the reader on a journey from an imperial battlefield to the challenges of Antarctica and forward to a new era.
Published:1st Oct 2014
Paperback:235 pages

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Richard Jopling’s enthusiasm for Captain Scott’s expedition was fired by reading Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s Worst Journey in The World. This led him to undertake over ten year’s research into the heroic age of Antarctic exploration and made him determined to capture the extraordinary spirit and times of those explorers in a novel.
Richard has a wide range of teaching and lecturing experience. He is now a freelance writer and lecturer and welcomes invitations to speak at events. He and his wife Christine live in rural Shropshire and spend a considerable part of the year in Cornwall.

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Had we Lived
I really enjoyed this book, I was totally immersed in the story, when it was cold I felt cold,when it was bleak I felt bleak. In contrast, I enjoyed the warmth of the relationships Cherry had with the other characters in the story especially his sister Ida and the young boy Pip. It was well researched and I felt a sense of time and place. At one point in the story Richard is describing "Sterling Currency" and it made me go and look at my own collection of "Old Money". The unexpected bonus was learning about the Emperor Penguin, I am planning a trip to the Natural History Museum in London to see the egg for myself.
Cherry Picking
This is a must read, a wonderful insight into times past. To comprehend the courage and determination required by such people, to imagine what they experienced at such a young age and the contrast to what they had left behind is brought to life in this exceptional book. I highly recommend it.
A rattling good read
I thought I knew about Scott and Oates but I had not heard of Cherry-Garrard other than as a name. This book changed all that in a delightfully racy and erudite style that combined historical commentary with some "Boy's Own" storytelling. The contrast in this remarkable book between the life in England and the extraordinary harshness of the Antarctic winter, added to the feeling of scale. The reader spans the British Empire from its greatest days to its decline, spans the globe from Surrey to the South Pole and spans the life of an man totally dominated by two years of his youth. A feat of writing about a physical feat of unimaginable severity and a rattling good read!
An addictive read
This is a must read, a wonderful insight into times past. To comprehend the courage and determination required by such people, to imagine what they experienced at such a young age and the contrast to what they had left behind is brought to life in this exceptional book. I highly recommend it.

Not Quite the Full Chapati
Kath Hirani

Kath Hirani Bookcover 1200 Janice Saheed is no stranger to racism. Her husband is one of the first Asians to settle in England after the War although Janice herself is white. However, on her first day at school, Janice's four-year-old daughter, Joanna, meets local-girl, Helen, and a lifelong friendship is forged that transcends prejudice. Twent years on and now a young woman, Joanna is still struggling with her mixed-race identity and having to cope with racism when, against all her advice, her friend Helen falls for Rahim Ismail, a handsome dentist - and it is Helen's fascination with Asian culture, a fascination caused in the first place by Joanna, that is to blame. In her fight against racism from the other side of the racial divide, Helen struggles to understand why she and Rahim cannot be together. Eventually she admits defeat and decides to leave Rahim - but then, her father becomes ill and Rahim fails to vanish from her life as intended.
Paperback:354 pages

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To complicate matters yet further, Joanna's father refuses to acknowledge his daughter's marriage and Helen's father steps in to fill the gap and do the right thing for his 'adopted' daughter. Not Quite the Full Chapati! is based on a true story, a story of friendship, love, happiness, racism and heartbreak. It speaks to all of us.