Another Book
Andrew Page

9781912419067 The art of words


the only boy on earth
awoke with a joy
as big as the moon
with a cold nose
he crept past embers
to witness
a pillow case
with a mothers love

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A Book
Published: December 2017
Paperback: 102 pages
Price: £5.20
ISBN: 9-781912-419067

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A collection of personal poetry illustrated by John Tordoff
Reinhard Tenberg

Poetry soup recipe

Slice half a pound of words into
six abstruse metaphors
and lay in large pan of figurative speech;
pour rhythm stock over the broth
and heat up gently,
but don’t hyperbole
cook on low heat until all the
ingredients make your heart leap up
like a rainbow in the sky.

Published: 1st Jan 2018
Paperback: 64 pages
Price: £10.00
ISBN: 9-781912-419050

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For me, poetry is a form of meaningful conversation in shorthand. If there are a handful of poems and artwork in this collection that speak to you or touch you, we shall be pleased to have found some common ground. Some of the poems have been set to music or have been recorded and can be freely accessed on my website via the poetry tab.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Reinhard studied English Literature, Linguistics and Politics and taught at the universities of Bristol, Palmerston North (NZ), Middlesex and Cambridge before joining the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where he spent the latter half of his career. Reinhard writes full-time now. He also writes short stories and poetry and has now embarked on his second novel. He continues to live in Cambridge.
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9f1f8e59-107d-4faf-83b1-645a88e6fa2e._CR0,1.0,331,331_UX460_ Caroline Gilfillan
5 out of 5 stars Beautiful combination of poems and illustrations

What a beautiful book! I love the combination of poems and illustrations, and the whole thing is immaculately produced. I enjoyed the mix of humour, observation and reflection: the poems are so varied. I had to smile at 'Senior Citizen's Prayer'. Other poems were touching: 'Through the looking glass' and 'Bones in a box', for example. The illustrations are colourful, stylish, witty. All in all a wonderful book, with proceeds of sale going to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), a most deserving cause. Do buy it.

An Army Veteran’s Journey by Narrowboat
Martin Farmer

9781911175797 Looking back a furniture van would have been a more practical and much quicker way to relocate, but not so much fun. Convinced by watching far too many Youtube “The end is nye” documentaries the author decided that drastic measures were needed to safe guard his future. At the same time and probably more realistically fulfilling a long and growing need to escape from his institutionalised lifestyle and exile in southern England. Financially the only options available to him were a cardboard box, or a boat. It was a close run thing but he eventually settled on the life a float choice. As an ex soldier extensive travel and a nomadic life style were familiar. Although |other than the Harwich to Hamburg ferry clueless about anything that floated The story begins in a marine in Watford where a suitably priced boat was purchased. It was decided after a year or so of getting the hang of things and wasting lots of money, that a change of scenery and a different boat was becoming more than just a dream…or nightmare! 
Published: Jan 2018
Paperback: 222 pages
Price: £9.00
ISBN: 9-781911-175797
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After getting reacquainted with an old buddy the decision was made to travel the two hundred and ten miles by canal to chirk in northeast Wales, alone…almost. Not a romantic tale of hot and sunny days filled with relaxed and tranquil cruising. Trying his hardest, the entire journey was completed in nineteen days, despite boasts from some that the journey could be completed in around four to six days. If the time taken wasn’t a record then the number of mishaps, encounters with interesting characters and the abysmal weather surely was. A slightly tongue in cheek account of a sometimes reluctant and of course grumpy-ish boater. The adventure takes us via one or two tangents from a “lock virgin” to almost expert helmsman… who still hates canals and boats!
Reader Reviews... B GIBSON A book that kept me on the edge of my ... A book that kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for the author to join the fish, or see what other bit of boating equipment he would loose next. ie tennis balls on a boat? A must for anyone thinking of taking to the water for the first time with information on what to do and what not to do. Amazon Customer Excellent read, witty and funny it gives a great ... Excellent read, witty and funny it gives a great account of what it is really like on the water, (canals). A must for all Narrow Boat enthusiasts.  

Shrewsbury Festival of Literature


The Self-Publishing Expo of the Shrewsbury Festival of Literature is being held this year, on the 25th November 11am-2pm, at the University Centre, the former Borough Council building in Frankwell. Bob Fowke, Managing Editor of YouCaxton Publications, will be master of ceremonies. A number of publishing experts and some successfully self-published authors will be speaking and will be available to take questions.


Bleddfa Centre


‘You’ve Written a Book, Now What? Routes to Publication: an Information Day’ was a day-long workshop held at the Bleddfa Centre in Powis on Sunday 22 October. It was chaired by Caroline Sanderson, writer and associate editor of the Bookseller. Around forty writers attended and there was a series of talks and discussions by published authors, publishers, a literary agent and from YouCaxton, represented by Bob Fowke our editor. It was a very productive day and especially interesting in that it spanned the gap between traditional trade publishing, independent publishing and self-publishing. Bleddfa will be holding more workshops in the future.



A journey through Jewish Peoplehood
Avraham Infeld

New-6 Avraham Infeld’s book takes the reader on a journey through Jewish Peoplehood, that powerful yet intangible idea that connects Jews together, no matter where they live or how they practice. Starting with the core components of Peoplehood, and ending with his ideas about the future of the Jewish People, the book contains powerful messages about how to achieve unity without uniformity in today’s global world. Through his trademark stories and accessible messages, Infeld offers Jewish leaders and educators – indeed any interested Jew – the opportunity to engage with ideas that can change the Jewish world. Melitz logo rb
Published: November 2017
Paperback: 192 pages
UK Price: £11.99
US Price: $14.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175957

US Edition

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UK Edition

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Based in Jerusalem, but a tireless traveler to all parts of the globe, Avraham Infeld has dedicated his long and distinguished career to helping Jews find meaning and joy in their Jewish identities. Born in South Africa and raised in a Zionist family, Avraham made aliyah to Israel and studied Jewish History and Bible at the Hebrew University, and Law at Tel Aviv University. Embarking thereafter on what would become a career in Jewish education, Avraham served among other roles in the following leadership positions:

• Program Director at Ulpan Akiva
• First Community Shaliach in the US, serving Baltimore and Washington
• Founder and President of Melitz Centers of Jewish Zionist Education
• Director of Shalom Hartman Institute
• Director of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Youth Department
   for English-Speaking Europe
• Director of Planning Process of Taglit Birthright Israel
• International President and CEO of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
• President of the Chais Family Foundation
• Mentor to the Reut Institute for Tikkun Olam and Jewish Peoplehood

In recognition of his contributions to Jewish education, Avraham is the recipient of the Hebrew University’s prestigious Samuel Rothberg Prize for Jewish Education, Hillel’s Renaissance Award, and honorary doctorates from Muhlenberg College and Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
An engaging and inspiring set of reflections by one of the master educators of today’s Jewish world – full of delightful stories, compelling analysis and generosity of spirit. Read it and your faith in the Jewish future will be renewed.

Leon Wieseltier
The intensity of Avraham Infeld’s commitment to his people is matched by its intelligence and its generosity. There are stimulations on every page of this candid and ebullient book. Infeld’s soulful monument to ahavat yisrael demonstrates by example that love is best when it is not blind. I am honored to share a people with this man.

Lynn Schusterman
Avraham Infeld is a giant among giants whose philosophy and teachings will shape Jewish life and learning for generations to come. I have seen firsthand how scores of young Jews have found in his personal story and in his vision a Jewish future that speaks directly to their passions and values. This book is a beautiful distillation of his life’s work to ensure the centrality of Israel, tikkun olam and pluralism to the narrative of the Jewish people. It could not come at a more crucial time, given the cultural, demographic and geopolitical shifts we are experiencing in the Jewish community, in Israel and in society more broadly.

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Reviewing: A Passion for a People: Lessons from the Life of a Jewish Educator by Avraham Infeld

'Israel Has Become the Most Disunifying Force in the Jewish Community'

Avraham Infeld Makes His Case for a Passionate Judaism

An imagined early life of Jesus by the former dean of Salisbury Cathedral
Hugh Dickinson

9781911175834 The most profound mystery of Christian theism is the affirmation that the man Jesus of Nazareth was also Divine. Exactly what that means has been a matter of constant debate for two millennia. Christian theologians have made use of a great variety of physical analogies and metaphysical concepts in the attempt to give a rational account of this belief, but the metaphysical algebra no longer has much traction for most people and divinity is not within the reach of materialist rationality. In order to emphasise the presence of the exceptional in him it has been natural to give greater narrative weight to the Divinity of Jesus of Nazareth than to his humanity, which has effectively been shrouded in the glow of the Divine The purpose of this brief essay in imagination is the belief that unless we grasp the biological earthiness of Jesus we cannot fully understand his the Incarnation.
Published: Oct 2017
Paperback: 86 pages
Price: £4.90
ISBN: 9-781911-175834

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The Very Revd. Hugh Dickinson, Dean Emeritus of Salisbury: Queen’s Scholar at Westminster. MA Oxford, Chaplain Trinity College Cambridge, Chaplain Winchester College, Bishops Adviser in Adult Education Coventry Cathedral, Vicar of St Michaels St Albans, formerly Dean of Salisbury, retired in the Cotswolds, distinguished poet and painter.
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A Holmwood Station Scrapbook
Julian Womersley

9781911175681 Like all good scrapbooks, this is a serendipitous collection of snippets from the past: photographs, press cuttings and other ephemera are brought together to tell the saga of Holmwood railway station and its role in the social history of a developing community in deepest rural Surrey. Holmwood station has witnessed astonishing events since it first opened in 1867.
Published: Sept 2017
Paperback: 150 pages
Price: £12.50
ISBN: 9-781911-175681

£12.50 (+ £3 postage)
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Extraordinary people have trodden its platforms – ranging from a Royal Prince about to be proclaimed King to pauper children sent from a London workhouse. Others included a Crimean War hero; self-made millionaires; gallant officers returning from the Boer War and, during the Great War, wounded officers delivered by ambulance trains. Even the German Kaiser, His Imperial Highness, Emperor Wilhelm II, once alighted at Holmwood.
Special trains came and went - bringing London society people to glittering parties in the country; taking outings to the seaside and visitors to the Crystal Palace or transporting troops to military manoeuvres on Holmwood Common. Suffragettes frequently used the station, as did the Surrey Union Hunt, who unloaded hounds and horses directly onto the platform. Although aimed at the general reader, the fresh research and new material in this book will appeal to those with more specialist railway or historical interests.
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Chris Hewitt

A Holmwood Station Scrapbook is a multi-faceted gem which has been lovingly polished by its author, Julian Womersley, and sparkles with wit and wisdom. At its simplest level this is the saga of a railway station, but don’t be misled into thinking it’s a book for trainspotters; all human life is played out in these pages. There are tales of tragedy, triumph, paupers, politicians and parties which have been painstakingly collected from photographs, archive documents, press cuttings and other material and brought together in one delightful and thoroughly entertaining book. It’s an enchanting read and one I’d highly recommend.

“We love the book and it has also been very well received by our neighbours to whom I gave a copy. Charles commutes from Holmwood and is very intrigued.”

“A fascinating collection of information - it will take hours of study to absorb it. I have found that once opened, it is difficult to put down!”

“Just the Ticket!”