Secrets of the Human Brain
Robert Pullen

534175 Dr Bob Pullen shines a spotlight on the human brain, which is so central to what we humans are. He explains how our brains are made up of nerve cells or neurons, which behave rather like batteries producing a small voltage which becomes the language of the nervous system, a bit like Morse code. Our neurons can also behave like computer-chips processing electronic data. He looks at the brains of other animals and explains how different parts of the human brain perform different tasks, some areas performing movement, others giving us our five senses. He describes the fascinating ways our brains can create visual illusions, how we produce language and speech, how we feel pain and what happens when we sleep and dream. The book also touches on the nature of consciousness itself.
Published:May 2017
Paperback:122 pages

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The book looks at the physical division of the brain into left and right cerebral hemispheres and describes how these differ between men and women. And what happens when the brain goes wrong; how can it be examined? A damaged brain can cause difficulties, illness and disorder. Remarkable modern methods of examination such as measuring brain waves and magnetic resonance imaging are simply and clearly explained. The brain is more than a normal organ. It governs how we think and makes us self-aware. Bob Pullen considers the mind, life and death, as well as our place in the universe.
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Gloucester History Festival


Colin Sharp, author of Button Gwinnett, Failed Merchant, Plantation Owner, Mountebank, Opportunist Politician and Founding Father, published by YouCaxton, will be talking on ‘Button Gwinnett and the American Declaration of Independence’ at St Mary & Corpus Christi Church, Down Hatherley, on Sunday 3 September at 3.00 pm as part of the Gloucester History Festival. Colin will be asking how a Gloucestershire man became the second signatory on the American Declaration of Independence and his talk will feature local historians and members of the Gwinnett family. He will also describe how Button’s parents’ tomb in Down Hatherley churchyard was recently restored.





Nonviolent Resistance to the Nazis by George Paxton, published by YouCaxton, has been receiving consistently good reviews. 

Peace News (UK): ‘… a goldmine of information, fascinating stories and inspiration for peace activists, this book deserves a wide readership.’

The Ghandi Way (UK): ‘Here is a proverbial labour of love. Over many years, I suspect, George Paxton has compiled information on nonviolent resistance to Nazi-occupied Europe. There are many stories of individual resistance, hard here to summarise in the review, and indeed I think the best way we can demonstrate this exceptional courage is to tell as many of these stories as possible… Paxton has done us a great service in writing this book.’

Jewish Affairs (South Africa): ‘Paxton also boldly wrestles with the sensitive question of whether the Holocaust might have been averted has German Jews responded at an early stage of their persecution with nonviolent resistance.’

Satyagraha Foundation (Netherlands): ‘George Paxton… has collected an impressive amount of research and combined it into “a perspective on the Nazi era which is rarely put forward,” … The first two parts provide a treasure trove of information, but it is the last part where the book comes into its own. Here he discusses, among many other things, the potential of nonviolent resistance, what makes people potential resisters and rescuers, what makes countries more prone to nonviolent resistance, and what a Gandhian style of nonviolent resistance might have looked like.’


Duke of Gloucester

this one

Nigel Hinton, author of The Shrewsbury Drapers Company, published by YouCaxton, with the Duke of Gloucester at the opening of the new Drapers’ almshouses on 8th June this year. Nigel is on the right.



The Hampton’s Curse
S.M. Williams

9781911175636 How much more suspicious can you get when everyone is lying to you? Kara Hampton, a fourteen-year-old girl, is suddenly whisked away to her aunt's household. Confused? Yes. Kara is unaware of the new world she is about to encounter. The strangeness of her cousins and the frightful presence of a creature who is on the prowl have most certainly got the better of Kara. With curious mysteries to unveil, the girl finds many unusual threads to her fate, which turns into an unruly turmoil. Finding her body changing, and new senses arousing, Kara is bewildered with shock as she's suddenly dragged into conflict with another pack of ancestral spirits. As she's dragged into a supernatural adventure, Kara gradually realises what her family's paradox is, and what she is about to become... Allow yourself to enter a world of doubt, dispute and excitement with Kara Hampton, as she reveals the long-kept secret of her family.
Published: July 2017
Paperback: 234 pages
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 9-781911-175636

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Generally, creating something unreal is what I enjoy most and imagination is my main influence. I’m more of a fantasy-type person in terms of books. Although I like to write day to day, normal life stories, I tend to weigh more over to the wacky, supernatural stories, and you can say that’s what inspired me to write this book as one of my first. Hopefully it portrays a phantasmagorical yet a humorous tale to teenagers, as I wrote this when I was 13/14, so this is mainly aimed at the younger generation who can relate to the language in the book. I really do hope you enjoy this book as much as I loved writing it! S.M.Williams
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Hereford Times in Presteigne


The launch of The Wildlife Role-play Book by Jenny Ogden, published by YouCaxton, featured in the Hereford Times on 15 June. It was a ‘role-play event’  and took place at the Assemble rooms in Presteigne. Jenny’s friends, dressed as a dung beetle, black bird, song thrush and horseshoe bat, were interviewed about their lives by journalist Phil Robinson using questions and answers from the book, which is a valuable resource for anyone involved in wildlife education at any level.




Knighton and Knucklas Castle


In the Shadow of Knucklas Castle by Kate Maclean, published by YouCaxton, is being launched at the Gallery of Fine Art in Knighton, Shropshire, on 22 June at 6.00 pm. The  originals of the paintings reproduced in the book will be exhibited and also some pottery decorated with images of Arthur and Guinevere.





Talksport, Hawksbee and Jacobs


Mike Gardner, author of Boxer, the Life of a Cumbria Great, published by YouCaxton, will be interviewed on Talksport during the 1 pm to 4 pm prime-time spot with Haawksbee and Jacobs in the next few weeks. Talksport is the country’s premier sport-radio channel with over a million listeners.